Let's remember what the names were fashionable in the Soviet Union!

In Soviet times, names were different and Patriotic, and just beautiful. Some of them are still live, others have become history. About the popular in the Soviet Union the names says the founder and head Dating "Classics relations", a family psychologist and writer Olga Romaniv.

Olga Romaniv

In the Soviet era the name meant a lot. Same as today, the names were divided into fashionable and usual. Often the fashion for names was asked, war heroes, famous generals and politicians. Such, of course, treated popular today names.

But at that time they carried a different meaning, children were named in honor of the great Luda.


Valeri is from Latin "vigorous" — in honor of Valery Chkalov. the Zoe from the Greek "life" — in honor of Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy. the Felix, from Latin "happy" — in honor of Felix Dzerzhinsky. the Clara in the Latin "bright, clear" — in honor of Clara Zetkin. the Nikita from the Greek winner — in honor of Nikita Khrushchev.

To separate category names were names in honor of the literary or movie stars, actors and Actresses.

the Popular French actor Gerard Philip in the 50-ies of the last century was so great, that brought back forgotten while the name Philippe from the Greek "loving Coney".



women's such names popularity of the name Jeanne in the Hebrew "God". It was popularly beloved thanks to the wonderful actress Zhanna Prokhorenko, who gained fame after the release of the film Gregory Chukhrai "ballad of a soldier", where she played the main female role.

Yasha–Roma from "Elusive Avengers" Edmond Keosayan back the popularity of the name Yaakov Hebrew "following on the heels of".

the novel Aelita Alexei Tolstoy turned the heroine's name (in translation from the fictional Martian language means "visible in last light star") in one of my favorite female names.

the Number of names formed in Soviet times, was abbreviator.

Some of them are popular today, although the present values are already nobody remembers, others were forgotten. Names in memory of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin called children very often. The most expressive was Vilora"Vladimir Ilyich Lenin — Organizer of Revolution", citrus"Vladimir Lenin" and Nina the female form Lenin Vice versa.

Separate the category names were the names, abbreviations or contractions, invented in honor of an important sobytiya.


Here are the most vivid of them. the kaleriya"Red Army Easily Defeated the Imperialists of Japan". In fact this name appeared much earlier than the end of the 30-ies of the last century. It has Greek roots and means "Prekrasnaya". But the popularity of Kaleria bought it thanks to the Patriotic acronym.

Lucie — the abbreviation for "Revolution". This name appeared in 20-ies in memory of the October revolution. The very name of Catholic, in Latin means "light", but in our country preferred the Soviet version of the value.

Another name that had double roots, was the name Isolde"ice". In our country became popular after they called a girl who was born during the winter of the polar explorers on the Taimyr Peninsula. Although Isolde — name of Celtic origin and means "beauty", in our country it has become fashionable thanks to the explorers and to the Patriotic spirit of Soviet people.

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