How to make temporary/someone else's home their own.
Often the vacation in the Guesthouse or on the removable cartire we feel uncomfortable. Due to the fact that it is not habitable. It smells like strangers, the situation is impersonal or filled with meanings belonging to other people. There is often disgust. In addition, the new place people all the time on the alert: he's still howling in tension and vigor. Therefore does not require refreshing funds are needed and very relaxing. And giving support and the ground beneath your feet, some "anchors" that you can use to cling to the familiar and safe.
What you can do:
Select posters that like pictures of friends and hang on the walls. What would You remembered about the house, connected with it.
to Remove other people's pictures off the walls, You don't close.
Take a cleanser to get rid of the fungus and wash them in the bathroom and toilet. This will eliminate the disgust.
Bring your favorite shower gels and shampoos with a bright smell.
to Bring your soft, or your silk robe, bath towel.
Take your Slippers.
Take what symbols, figures, amulets, objects that would occupy little space, but would be carrying a bright and positive emotions.
to Take your flavor to the jam room or the aroma of smalandia sticks.
to Bring their own bed linen, this will eliminate the disgust and any kind of sensitivity to others or the government.
Grab your Cup, for those who remember You of home.
Perhaps just your teapot and your favorite tea. of
Stock up on diary, books and some sort of hobby.
Prepare a sufficient selection of favorite clothes. So that on every day of the week was your kit. Take only the favorite things, to feel comfortable.
Take makeup all You need: paints, can, tonics, balms and lotions. Lotion or sunblock, and perfume help to create like a protective layer, an invisible cocoon where You will feel comfortable.
Take both a sporting and elegant clothes in order to feel adequate.
Papacies its delicacies: in the new place not only to enjoy the novelty, but to have the "old anchor".
Take a camera and a diary in the new location it is important then not only to information but to transform it and process it. For this is good. Creativity.
Useful for something for sleep: mint drink, spray on your pillow or relaxing essential oil.
in the Summer should wear a hat/cap and sunglasses to protect from the scorching sun. It will lie unused, than You will suffer from inexplicable discomfort.
I needed enough money to buy the missing or forgotten and to communicate with those who stayed "there". Do not take the money for a 3G phone. A good way to cope with some difficult feelings is to post them on Facebook or classmates when writing the text it is some sort of emotional work to otsortirovyvaya important and unimportant and processing of difficult emotions. When we click "send", we would put the point: Yes, it is in my life, I accept it. And when people write comments - this course support.

That I never have to use: a large number of books on various topics. My attention can focus only briefly and only on a very interesting book. Professional literature is not needed.
never had to use a large number of different varnishes: in an alien environment to do a manicure do not like, and I wish that someone did it to me.
Not useful unloved clothes and shoes every day. the
Not needed complex hobby that requires concentration and a lot of time drawing.

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