Love yourself and care about yourself people are often confused with selfishness and conceit. And under the care of the self mean to do something nice for yourself, do not tense, fun and easy to spend time.

I agree that loving yourself is a healthy degree of selfishness. Everything that man does, he does to meet their needs, no matter how altruistic ideas is no cover-up. And caring about yourself you need to please and even pamper yourself. BUT

I Once heard the phrase: "Real love is ruthless"! It hurt and excited me. I realized that it really is. Sometimes need to go through pain, difficulty, overcome obstacles – and that this will be a true manifestation of love and care towards yourself.

Remember the fable about the ant and the dragonfly. After all, the Dragonfly seems to be loved yourself – summer red sang. But then what happened? Winter came.... And it turns out that about himself cared little Ant that sang, and worked, preparing for the cold.

Growing up as a stage of self-care

Growing up is not only a chronological age, it is responsible for your tomorrow, for your health, mood, environment. This is the stage of love and caring about yourself. As well as the opportunity to become myself "birth mother".

to Start a healthy lifestyle: eat right, go to the gym or to run in the mornings, to give up bad habits – this is not a striking manifestation of self-love? But how easy is it given such a transformation? Not at all! And it was our turn to take her hand and lead to the gym, to prohibit Smoking, to prepare their own healthy breakfasts.

Before the mother told us: "do Not be friends with Petrov, will learn bad". Now you need to taking care of myself, to carefully choose the circle. Sometimes it is necessary to preserve psychological health, inner harmony, economy of time simply refuse to communicate with people bringing negative emotions or negative consequences in daily existence. But about modesty and imposed by public opinion rules get in the way to make a radical step and cut out the person from your contacts list.

When we take the fatigue for the result, we believe that taking care of yourself means first to tire yourself to exhaustion in the race for an unattainable ideal, and then to recover, hanging out at the club, taking a bath with a glass of wine or sleeping off the whole day. It's like fighting fires. Such swings only worsen our physical and psychological condition. The right approach is to build your life so that there was no need for emergency assistance in the form of the usual relaxation.

Live in care and love

a Life of love and taking care of yourself – this exercise unpleasant, but extremely important for the health of the psyche and the internal equilibrium solutions.

  • Honesty with yourself. An objective evaluation of their own actions, especially setbacks, disappointments, failures. Awareness and acceptance that not everything in life is possible, there are UPS and downs.
  • the Desire to live your own life and not be a copy of someone more successful, exemplary, perfect. Find your way, it can be absolutely not similar to other and not even approved by someone. But no one better than you, your life will not live.
  • Resolution itself is not to be brilliant, special and perfect. Sometimes a "normal" person from your surroundings to others and makes life in General much more than any celebrity. It is more important to raise psychologically healthy children than genius. Life goes on, and let there be more warmth and understanding than impeccably clean, luxurious things or perfect shapes.
  • Rejection of empty anxiety about their own standards. Sometimes I think people refer to themselves as the IPhone. Update itself to the latest version, chasing fashion. Searching for "covers". And that is not included, does not fit into this standard box – you need to cut off? Even the cucumbers on the counter different! Why are we worried how the look from the outside, whether under templates, whether the accepted norms. "Is fashion my new shoes?", "Pretty expensive gadget in my pocket?", "If I ordered a table at a trendy restaurant or establishment is not so popular?".

taking Care of yourself – soul harmony

In a society of rampant mass consumption we don't notice the loss of harmony of the soul, do not see things as substitute care of themselves banal pleasures: buying new clothes, meeting with friends in a swanky restaurant, going to boring but fashionable blockbuster.

People used to substitutes instead of the true pleasures. And pleasure is something that is accepted as such to consider, and not something you experience real satisfaction. While you wait for approval from others and are targeting the trends, your life passes by. While you strive to earn enough to repay loans for gadgets, appliances, apartment, car or even a ticket to the rest – your health is lost. In the face of death or severe illness people are not worried about the work not done shopping, but I regret that didn't pay close attention, less heat, just not enough ordinary conversation over a Cup of tea in the kitchen. Allow yourself to choose what is in the soul.

Select a job or occupation, to get satisfaction from creative work. Don't find purpose, namely select! Friedrich Engels argued that the labor turned a monkey into a human. We are happy, we get real satisfaction (not pleasure, and satisfaction) from contributing to other people's lives, from work, which is something in this world creates. And no matter the status is the position or not. Even the janitor and the cleaning lady create – create a clean. And your work, no matter how insignificant it may seem, can be valuable and important to society as a whole.

Take your life in your hands

Take your life in your own hands and stop hiding from it behind a screen, stereotypical pleasures. Stop in this painful and unnecessary process adjustment under pseudodual. Change the position of the victim, slowly drifting with the current, active, efficient. Not voluntarily become a subject of discussion, evaluations and comparisons. You do not qualify under the accepted standards and must meet them.

Pay attention to how life will change after these steps. You will go from fake, superficial, to himself a true human, maybe normal, but present. Get, finally, the pleasure of his existence. Learn to enjoy them and not suffer their imperfection. Let your life flows in a new way!

Come for the "Harmonious personality" to go the way of the pathos and problems luckily, to find ourselves and learn to live in joy.

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