I know and respect the need of their clients in privacy. Many of them come to me for advice in secret even from your closest relatives and friends, without admitting to their husbands, wives, children, parents that have sought psychological help from a psychologist. Some customers are public, known in the people: successful professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders of large enterprises and organizations of the city of Yaroslavl, and, like any ordinary people, they are unwilling to disclose the privacy of his appeal to me as a psychologist. I only!

my Dear clients, real and potential! Rest assured, I will strictly adhere to the rules of professional ethics and confidentiality, and take the opportunity of my Internet sites, appeal to You to indicate its position and developed me over the years of counselling and psychological aid RULES, protection of Your interests — Your needs for privacy and confidentiality of treatment:

1) you Have there is the possibility of ANONYMOUS treatment to me for psychological help: to make an appointment to see me in my private office, you just need to enter your name and contact phone number (all other information is at your own discretion and only between us).

2) I never answer the questions and leave unanswered the approval of the following plan: "you Know, you treated my (my) husband (wife), son (daughter), colleague, etc. What can you say? I'm worried....". Always refer to an inability to provide any whatsoever of the review and propose to seek the answer directly to you (i.e. the person care about).


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