Many do not know about themselves, how they are disciplined and that such discipline. I bring a list of questions, which is easy to determine your level of self-discipline.

Here is a list of tasks to realize your current level of self-discipline:

  • You take a shower (bathe) every day?
  • You get up at the same time every morning? On the weekends, too?
  • do you have excess weight?
  • do you have any addictions (caffeine, nicotine, sugar, etc.) that you would like to get rid of, but haven't?
  • Empty your email Inbox?
  • Your office or Desk clean? Well organized?
  • And your house, apartment, room?
  • How much time do you waste in a typical day? And on the weekend?
  • How much time do you spend on empty talk?
  • How long can you spend online?
  • If you have something someone promised, what is the probability that you'll keep your promise?
  • If you make a promise to yourself, what is the probability that you'll keep your promise?
  • Can you eat nothing one day?
  • How well organized is your hard disk?
  • How often do you exercise?
  • What is the maximum physical force you have made to anything and how long has it been?
  • How many hours in a typical day do you dedicate to purposeful work?
  • how Many items on your to do list are older than 90 days?
  • do you have clear, written goals? Do you have written plans to achieve them?
  • If you lost your job, how much time would you spend each day looking for a new one, and how long would you maintain so much effort?
  • How much time you have now to watch TV? Could you watch TV?
  • How you look right now? What does your appearance say about your level of discipline (clothes, hair, etc.)?
  • You choose food mainly on the basis of health benefits or based on taste/satiety?
  • When was the last time you consciously adopted a positive new habit? And when he refused from the bad?
  • do you have debts? Do you consider them a good investment or a mistake?
  • have you Decided in advance to read this article or did it just happen?
  • Can you say, what you will do tomorrow? A week?
  • How would you rate your overall level of self-discipline on a 10-point scale?
  • What you could accomplish if you could answer that last question with a 9 or 10?

I would be grateful for any comments!

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