How does a father's love?


Sastojci of the bar sat a man with a daughter, he was 30 years old and daughter five years. Always admired his father's love.

Rather unwittingly'm in a trance looking at men who are very much like their own children.

These men special, they are very thorough approach to the process of education. I am always delighted, surprised, moved by their father's love.

From childhood thoughts and questions do not leave as men born in the soul a father's love?

the Woman wakes up as the mother during pregnancy and especially during childbirth.

But men not be carrying the child in themselves, they do not give birth... However, how much they love, tenderness, fear, worries, tears for her child. Once it is born?

a Strange feeling of elation, joy and infinite sadness, the pain that my children have not seen such love from his father. This shower was a huge pain. Did not understand before how to get rid of feelings of guilt and shame to the children that they not see this beautiful, huge and tender care and love. I was forced for them to be in all roles. My children are my happiness, my heaven, the sun. And I like all the parents just light, do not the perfect mom and for this, too, was worried.

Very often I hear that the mother is sacred. I'm sure that at least Holy sense of the father to his child. So much tenderness, severity, fear and pain I see in his father's eyes of their customers. The most beautiful love, it is unconditional comes from our parents. This love is invariably clean.

he Drank a Cup of coffee in the bar to the music of jazz. Came home turned on the TV, and there the movie "I am Sam". A unique film and these words I want to repeat a million times. It is difficult to write about this film. I will say one thing its worth a look to all men women is a film about the love of the father which is going to deny paternity. An extraordinary film for its purity. View. Share your thoughts, feelings. Let you feel, why else are we here for each other there? Very pleased with your sincerity.
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Obraztsova Tatiana
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