How does our consciousness?


Therapy-making and accountability based on the theory of positional frames (RFT - Hayes, Barnes-Holmes, and Roche 2001). A basic tenet of RFT is that human behaviour depends also prescribes with great precision determined by the positional framework, a special system of interdependencies between the definitions and concepts that are stored in the language. That's human language, and with it the thinking consciousness, this is based on our ability to learn without direct sensory experience. Here's an example: your pet, pet cat won't jump on a hot stove twice, but he still needed at least once to touch her to understand that this is not worth it. The child does not need to touch the stove to learn that the stove is hot and can burn. The child is able to understand it. In life and surrounding world is the ability to use verbal rules is a great tool of knowledge. However, in terms of inner experience, this ability to follow laid in the language rules restrict our lives in the most fundamental way.

This important statement: people think in the context of relationships, connections, positions. Animals – no.

In a more General form, this statement looks like this: people are able to associate and relate any object in their environment, thoughts, feelings, actions, intentions (anything) with any other surrounding objects, thoughts, feelings, actions, intentions (whatever you want) the arbitrary way (considering them “the same”, “different”, “better than”, “worse”, “similar”, “part”, “example of something”, “reason”, etc.).

This is a very special, unique property essentially characterizes the work of our consciousness. It was absolutely a decisive advantage in the survival of the human species among other species of the animal world, allowing us to consciously analyze the surroundings. The ability to compare and relate has helped to keep the fire and heat the cave to make tools and hunting, and later to build cities, create great art or to fly and invent the computer.

However, this same ability is the cause and the source of all our pain and suffering.

When we think, we immediately and involuntarily “link and match” event. Words are symbols, and symbols are always “bring with them” other events and objects that they “like” or “from one pile”, on any principle of this “bunch” was not collected. Every character, word, gives us access to a very complex system of relations, which exists in the form of global structures in our consciousness is replenished and updated throughout our entire life.

Here are just a few part of the mappings.

  • Frame Matching (Examples: set to the words “same as,” “similar,” “like...”)
  • the Scope of “Time” and “Reasons” (introduced with the words – “before and/or after”, “if/then”, “because”, “because”, “as”, etc.)
  • the scope of “Comparison” and “Evaluation” (here a whole family interdependencies as “better than”, “more”, “faster”, “nicer”)
  • Frame “Targeting” (in dialogue, for example, specifies the position and direction of the statements that determines who owns said: I/You, “me/you” etc.)
  • the Frame is “Space” (“close/far”, “here/there” for example).

All of this almost inexhaustible repertoire of positional frames, accumulating the experience of the mappings can be in one moment and at your slightest command applied to anything. Here this is what we call “human consciousness”.

Here I suggest you one exercise "the Relationship of things and events"

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