Relationships can survive a lot if both of the involved person devoted to each other and act with respect for the partner.

Relationships can suffer lots of trouble. Sometimes they can survive the indiscretion (although such a behavior shows a lack of respect for your partner). They can survive layoffs, change in career or purchase your first home. They usually can even survive the wedding, one of the most stressful events through which people pass in their lives.

the Relationship can survive the angry tirades and fighting for days and nights. Anger means you care, even if it appears to such a degree that negatively affects the partner. With the effort, but the relationship can survive the lack or communication problems.

Communication is one of the key components of a successful relationship. Successful couples don't always agree with each other, but they provide an opportunity to learn what is happening in their life and how they are feeling (especially when their partner does something that causes a certain emotional response). Relationships survive with poor communication, although they usually are not happy.

But what is really difficult to survive in a relationship is when two people went into a "autopilot" and become indifferent to each other. When you fully refuse from emotions when you feel nothing toward the other person.... It seems that communication is there, but it's just guff — like two friends who just met on the plane.

Think. Even when we argue, we communicate with another person — we Express our disappointment, hurt or anger for some in advance disrespect or harm. When we do not trust their significant other (for any reason), it hurts because it is quite important to us, we want to trust him in the first place. Cheating hurts most people do not because of the act, but because of the basic erosion of trust and respect. However, the fact that it hurts indicates that we care. If we were all the same, it did not cause us pain.

“anyway” is an indifference to what makes the other person in the relationship.

there is no Dispute, conflict, too, so at first glance everything may appear normal. But a quarrel, stop, because you still, you're right, or are offended by the words or actions of another person. The question of trust is no problem because you don't care to have the trust of another person (or trust it).

You interact every day in a vacuum where everything seems normal, because none of your concern, like it or not. It is a perfect illusion, where you both silently agreed to live. But this is no longer a relationship. And it can hardly be called life.

ideally, relationships help us not only to love another person, but also to grow as a person. They teach us life lessons that would otherwise be difficult to assimilate the lessons of communication, ability to listen, to compromise, to give ourselves selflessly and doesn't expect anything in return. A life lesson with the other person and everything connected with it.

When we closed in relationships, we will be closed from care. We are stopping development. We stop training. And we are stopping life.

But indifference should not be the end of a relationship. At the initial stage, it is warning sign that something went wrong with the relationship, with caring about the other person and your feelings for him. If both people in a relationship notice  a warning sign, heed it and ask for help (e.g., counseling), there's a good chance that the relationship can survive if both people want it.

Beware of indifference in the relationship. If your automatic response to the question of partner is always “I don't care/ all I care/ what's the difference”, it can be a sign that the indifference creeps up on you. If you still important your loved one, your life together and the future of the relationship, listen to this sign - the sign “anyway”.

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