How is a woman to reduce weight? Components of success. Part 5.


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the Fifth element of success is to learn how to build your boundaries.

first and foremost is the ability to say "NO". At first glance, might not be entirely obvious connection between weight loss and the ability to say "NO". But the connection becomes clear if we trace the chain.
let me Explain with an example. So you've decided to lose weight and you already have the first results. The boss gives you an additional task, not included in your job responsibilities and you have to stay at work, but you can't deny him, even if you are not satisfied. You have feelings of aggression to the chief, it is routinely suppressed, but only thinking to refuse, occurs in one form or another, guilt, fear to remain without work, etc., in order to avoid problems agree, staying on the job, come home late, you have met the husband. The news that you will have to stay my husband of course might not like the husband will demand attention in severe cases, even push you, etc. and at home you will gradually accumulate a sense of guilt, fear, powerlessness, misunderstanding on the part of the relatives. YOU promise to do something, to come home early. You go to bed and in my head an infinite number of thoughts about work and home. Accelerates anxiety. And so the next day you Wake up unrefreshed, at work again, can't argue boss, are to blame for the weakness, even more worrying, try to reduce the time for a break and dinner, home late again, come home, where my husband and children need my attention, adds a sense that "I'm a bad mother". Then there's the mom or mother-in-law called and will arrive within a week... a few More days of this madness and ALL! BREAKDOWN!
You start neotropicum to consume food and can't stop. Food is used for non-food purposes, and to relieve feelings of anxiety. And finally, when the stomach is full you become good...But not for long. br>
know the situation?

in Order to avoid it, you need to do a great job at building their borders. Must learn to say "NO" without feeling guilt.

Fedor Erokhin
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