How is a woman to reduce weight? The secrets of success. Part 11


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Offer you a new article about weight loss.

Today I will talk about methods that don't work, and I will try to explain why.

the First thing they say is willpower.
Very often the person with overweight is accused of lack of willpower. Yes, and blames himself in that often. Roughly the same can be say that the patient angina no willpower, so if he wanted to, and his throat didn't hurt and his fever went down. And generally would be healthy.
Many people want to lose weight for a relationship to meet the Prince. Or partner says, "If you love me, you should lose weight". Sounds as ridiculous as "If you love me, you should not get sick with pneumonia/gastritis/sore throat, etc."

It's impossible. At least not without psychiatric help.
In this case, the willpower will contribute to the frustrations and guilt.

Second what you say - a sport and physical activity. the
first with a large body weight that can be harmful and is contraindicated. A lot of weight greatly affects the joints and back. But even with a small excess weight, if people do not like sports, for engaging in unloved business and physical fatigue will want to comfort themselves, encourage. It's not always bad and sometimes you can. But sooner or later such encouragement can take the loan, hoping then to work off calories eaten in the hall. And that did not work have to pay for guilt. Which you can seize. It's like a seesaw or scales. On one scale put the product on the second automatically placed weight + guilt to balance tedious to put some more food, and then to another again kilos + guilt. And so on to infinity.
So useful if you don't like him?

Third of what you say - hang on a kitchen wall pictures of slim people, idols, or conversely people whose weight is much greater. The first photo will cause envy and anger, the second is fear and anxiety. What is the recipe to these feelings? - Right, binding. In the end, again with the guilt.

Quadruple what I am talking about massages, acupuncture, and other treatments.

Massages are very useful for tightening the skin, but not for weight loss. Weight is reduced only in one case: when the amount of calories consumed is lower than burn.

In conclusion I want to say that biologically we are so constituted that our brains strive to save energy and consume calories. In nature any animal does: see the calories consume, then it may not be. This is instinct and nothing to do. It is based on fear.

here and need help of a psychologist, a therapist. Fear, anger, sadness, guilt - that feeling that every day is a person overweight, and often not even realizing it. Incorrectly chosen strategy of weight reduction can only aggravate the situation.

I Really hope that my article will be useful for you and you will learn something new and important.
Ask questions in the comments. They will be topics for future articles in this series.

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