the Average age – that  the period in a person's life?

Sometimes hear from the thirty girls that they are middle-aged, but it happens, as in my own experience, this is forty, well,… more.

I get in my life to crenelate, faced with the inevitable question to myself: “how long? Until when I should and must?”


For me, the so-called "midlife crisis" from this question started.

By this time arrived a period when parents are old, children have already grown up, and I still ran into troubled the prescriptions of the steps of the family hierarchy: up and down, and everyone in a position of “must - is required”.

where is hiding so many years, my "Want?»

in This way, and understanding this is life itself, and age, and a certain psychological readiness, throw me a kind request – as far as I'm willing to be yourself? Will I be able to stop focus on the interests of other people?

Maybe it's time to stop this ever good will – to fit someone else's expectations?!

I Have my own life, set my values, landmarks, your own eyepieces through which to look at the world.

someone, of course, a completely different set of glasses and lenses, criteria and expectations from life.

And none of us can be more right or wrong, because we – different.

And our views on any event – is also different.

And looking at the same situation we see with different eyes, different minds, each with its own refractive and at different angles.

And to understand the other, first of all, I need to understand its “complete”  - expectations, feelings.

to Feel yourself, to accept who I am, strong and weak, tough and vulnerable. 

I learned to say: “No”, I was able to abandon the former need to please others.  

I – present.

I Think I do, I'm sure  - you will get each of us who approaches srednevozrastnoe.


Light, warmth and trust you!

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