How meditation helps to solve problems


Feelings don't have words

Once I found that my inner feelings and experiences much deeper than words can Express. The wordless experience which we can feel like a rain cloud. And the words we speak, write or think infighting is the rain, shed from our cloud.

the Rain and cloud are two different things. Feelings and words with which we Express our feelings - not the same.

moreover, the words often distort what we feel, not allow us to describe our inner experience at least a little true.

Let's look at how to practically apply this insight, how to solve problems with this knowledge?


Since childhood, mastering the native language, we have reduced our ability to navigate in the inner world. Everyone has a dumb, dumb level of perception, like animals. Sometimes, when solving problems it is useful to extract information from this level of the psyche. As we found at the first level, the amount of information significantly more than at the cognitive (verbal).

Therefore, the task of meditation is to stop thinking at a cognitive level and look at feelings and emotions, on sensations in the body, information from the senses.

you just Need to study your condition and feelings, to observe them. Look into yourself and to experience the dumb stay (or stay) their feelings - this is a very informative session.

practice this meditation, I can learn much more about yourself. And after (dumb, dumb) study of its internal fields, I will be able to better focus where my next move is. Where is the problem? I feel problem? How do I know about my problem inside?

the Use of such meditation wide. Either your problem can be investigated at the level of wordless experience. And when you gain enough experience, you can already formulate in words the essence of the problem.

Well, today is meditation? How about suggestions to look at your anxiety or problem? As at the first level, you feel them?

P. S. Hint: to stop the flow of thoughts and words during meditation, try to concentrate on what give you the senses. On hearing, vision, sensations in the body simultaneously.

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All the best, and see you soon!

Your Alexander Usoltsev.

Alexander Usoltsev
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