so, today, I think, very important topic.

Now I'm going to do what I do with each of its customers.

Now I'll to hand responsibility for your life into your own hands.

Yes, I never solve problems for others. I solve only their problems, and help others to choose the direction of the decisions and help to move in these directions.

it is Therefore very important to understand that really only you yourself are able to help themselves. neither the parents Nor psychologists, nor friends, neither God nor the priests. Only You yourself. The rest is supported.

so, begin.

How much are you willing:
  • to Wake up every morning and realize that only you are the master of this day;
  • to Answer for every word to himself;
  • to Answer for his every response to yourself;
  • to Answer for every action to himself;
  • to Analyze and understand its manifestations;
  • Every evening to take stock of how it turned out to be the master of your life,
  • Every day to be the best version of myself compared to the previous day.
You have not scared?

And it listed at least some serious changes in my life.

And if you really want a fully and comfortably live - you really need to enjoy what you are the master of your life and run every day. Otherwise, no way. Otherwise it will work opposite.

And the truth does not make sense to expect that someone will help. This waiting only saps your resources and ability to act quickly. You can learn from the experience of other people, you can ask others to share this experience with someone to act, but the point in waiting no.

still, how much are you willing to choose a path full of responsibility? Or path partial responsibility, where you will half the child's behavior? And not always happy child.

what are you willing for yourself? What are you willing to create in your life?

If you're ready - email me, I may be accompanied at the initial stage. Only if you are ready for anything. To prepare you, no one can, except you.
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Maria Zalesskaya
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