needless to say, food, especially delicious is a great and reliable way to instantly distracted from unpleasant thoughts, difficult emotions, painful memories or uncomfortable feelings. Became bored and lonely, irritate the surrounding or surfaced guilt, loneliness and dissatisfaction? Nice sandwich, cookie, slice of pizza, these loyal friends will immediately come to the rescue.

to drown my sorrows and anxieties of the food we are unconsciously accustomed from early infancy when the mother's breast or a warm bottle has saved us from our childhood sorrows . And, alas, as adults, we not always become more aware of the issue of supply. How to tell my clients : "I come home tired from work, and at some point my head off and I just eat. Long time, almost indefinitely, without feeling of taste and smell, yet a feeling of inner emptiness is filled with food....." or another case : "Should I be nervous, or understand what drives anxiety, I sat down to eat. I order food delivery service, prepare myself, buy the burgers and pizza in the fridge there's always a cake or brownies... I know that anxiety and uncertainty will come to me, and then I'll meet them head on".

If the habit to eat my feelings became a constant, we find, in the end, uncontrollably growing weight, and concomitant diseases of the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract and other, limiting contact and communication, problems in personal life and that's not all. In recognition of people who are prone to overeating after the such food booze they experience acute feelings of shame, hatred and rejection of himself, depressed mood, feelings of hopelessness, mood swings. Comes the desire to punish yourself and possibly to get rid of the eaten. When people feel that eating behavior has become regular, we say that he has a compulsive overeating, psychogenic eating disorder, to deal with that without the help of a psychologist is almost impossible.

the Main cause of compulsive overeating is an unwillingness to face your unpleasant emotions, heavy Intrusive thoughts, memories or feelings. In fact – it is an attempt to escape from what is happening inside. And Yes, for a very short time manage to lose ourselves in the process of uncontrolled absorption, but soon the old problems returned, and they are immediately added, and a whole bunch of new, even more unpleasant experiences. A mind that is used to solve the problem the fastest way, advises: "Avoid contact with unpleasant experiences at any price! Overwhelming emotions or just distract yourself! Thoughts are heavy – they need to be urgently addressed if you want to be healthy . I remembered something painful? Run! Don't let the memories get close!" Thus, a constant struggle and avoidance of unpleasant internal experience leads us to more problems.

If this topic is close to You, I will offer some effective methods and useful ideas that will help to eat more consciously and to live a full life.

  1. Remember that unwanted emotions, feelings thoughts and memories is not the enemy from which we must escape. It's just a signal that in my life lost balance and something needs to change.
  2. the more we struggle with unpleasant internal experiences – the more it puts pressure on us. Try for a moment to step back and observe what is happening in this moment in Your soul. Let the emotions, feelings and thoughts to just be, without struggle and resistance. It's part of You, even if it's sad. Believe me, a positive result from this practice will not keep you waiting!
  3. Try not to dive into your past to find the reason and explain their problems . Be in the present, because life is here and now!
  4. don't lay the blame for what is happening to You, to other people, unhappy childhood, insensitive parents, the wrong husband or ungrateful friends. It will not help You live the life You always wanted to live. And by the way, what and how would You like to do in life, don't be these problems?
  5. How often do You follow someone invented the rules, someone else's beliefs, seek approval of their actions from others or expect other people will change? Instead, select in your life what matters to You, fulfill your values and ideals, fight for what matters is for You!

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