Today I sent motsepe text with words and smiles: "Sometimes one small story can replace the 10 consultations and long hikes to psychoanalysts☺". So whether it's for you decide for yourself. So the tale itself.

On a sun-drenched meadow run Girl. She was wearing a white lace dress, curls, pink ribbons, and in her hands she held a butterfly net to catch butterflies. She was fun and good. And then, on a large green leaf of the burdock, she saw a huge Toad, covered with warts.
— What a vile toad with disgust said the Girl.
— cough, Cough, cough Toad. — And you know that I am a Prince enchanted?
— can Not be, incredulous, said the Girl.
— Really, ' said the Toad. — The wicked witch put a spell on me and my great Kingdom. I'm young, beautiful and rich. If you save me, I'll marry you and we'll live happily ever after. I'll wear you on my hands and every day to give flowers.
— And how do you spell? — asked the Girl.
Is not easy, because the evil witch had cast a complex spell. You have to take me home so I slept in your soft bed and kiss me every day. Feed with a spoon and make out. And then everything will happen. One morning you will see next is not ugly toad, a beautiful Prince. And your life will become happy and serene.
the Girl listened spellbound Toad. She looked at the skin, covered with warts, huge, bulging eyes, narrow slit mouth, and saw a tall, handsome man with a shock of black hair and a sly look in his green eyes. Beside him she saw herself in a fluffy white dress in a beautiful castle, and heard the words of love...
Overcoming the disgust, the Girl knelt down, put a Toad in her dress, and took to his home.
From that day on, the girl's life has changed. She's not running around on a Sunny meadow butterflies did not sing and is not fun. She was tending to a Toad. The toad was very naughty: she demanded croissants for Breakfast and spaghetti with Bechamel sauce for dinner, she wanted to sleep in the bed Girl, and she left Silesia footprints on the floor and on the bed and the Girl had to constantly wash the floors and do the Laundry.

She stopped to tie bows and to wear a beautiful lace dress. From washing her hands red and very sore. As Toad continued to stay big and ugly Toad and never turned into a handsome Prince. Sometimes the Girl looked at her and wanted to throw out of his house to live as before, but she was afraid to make a mistake. And suddenly there are very few? And suddenly tomorrow she will Wake up and see next to no vile amphibian, a green-eyed brunette?
Tao? I spent a lot of effort already. Would be a shame that I waited quite a bit.
— But if you spend your whole life taking care of a Toad who will never turn into a Prince? asked the Bird.
Girl zadumki it's been a few months. Few would recognize in this tortured Cinderella once cheerful and carefree Girl. Now all disposed of the Toad. And the Girl only served her and did some dirty work around the house.
Once the Toad yelled at her because she too carried her lunch. The girl came out of the house and cried. She sat on the porch and wept bitterly. Saw a Bird singing on a branch.
— Why are you crying? — asked the Bird.
— In my house lives a vile Toad who yells at me. The whole day I wash, clean and cook her something to eat. I'm very tired and don't want it anymore.
— And whose house is this? asked the Bird.
— My replied the Girl, wiping tears.
— who brought home to you the Toad?
— I myself, — sadly said the Girl.
— Why? – surprised the Bird.
— She promised me that will turn into a Prince if I'm taking care of her. But it has been many months and nothing has changed.
— Why don't throw a Toad out of the house?
— And suddenly it's true? And soon it will turn into a Prince? And I will not wait quite nanogels.
— If I knew for sure... she replied.
Then the Girl looked up and her eyes lighted up: — what should I go to the old Witch that lives in the forest? She is old and wise, maybe she will tell me that I will be the Frog Prince or not?
the Girl was delighted and immediately went to the Witch. An old Witch lived in the forest in a rickety hut.
— I would know — told her Girl. — Do not miss I the chance to marry a Prince.
the Witch took her chicken giblets, eyes of bats and swamp grass and began to guess. She shook grizzled head and looked into your pot over which rose a thick smelly steam.
— It's just toad she said, finally. — Don't waste your time. She will never become a Prince.
the Girl sadly came from the witch. She walked for some time with bowed head, and then she came up with the idea.
— Witch can be wrong. He knows the old lady of princes? I need to go to the good Magician! She will tell me for sure!
the Good Fairy lived in a beautiful castle with pointed Windows and high towers.
— I'm so tired, ' said her girl. But I'm afraid that if you chase a Toad, you will never marry the Prince!
the Sorceress shook her head and asked one day. She wondered at the moonlight and stars, deduced the complex formulas of the cloud swirls and white daisies. And the next day she delivered their verdict:
— It's just toad she said to the girl. — She will never become a Prince. You better take her back to the meadow.
Girl silently listened to the Witch and left. But on the inside she was seething with indignation:
— They're jealous! she exclaimed, stepping out into the street. — Of course, everyone wants to marry the Prince. I know better than that! I feel that not doing this in vain.
And the Girl returned to the Toad. She listened to a lot of unpleasant words for what have gone a long time and not fed a Frog this time. Cleaned the house from mucus, cooked dinner and bathed the Toad. The toad was happy. Big, brown-green,
the wart, she was lying on a lace pillow in the crib Girls. The Girl herself could not sleep with the Toad and have long ceded their place. She slept on a narrow couch in the kitchen. Before bed she usually thought about how beautiful will be her life when the Toad turn into a Prince. She invented names for their children, wondering what flowers will grow in her garden. These sweet thoughts she fell asleep.
And dreamed her dream: here she is on the path to his house and sees that all of it has decayed and collapsed, the Windows are dusty and dark, and the porch of the house sits an old woman. Scary and hairy, similar to the forest witch. And here the old woman looks at her and beckons her to him with a hooked finger, and the Girl tries to escape, but the legs do not obey. Fit it to the old woman, and she looks at it her dull faded eyes and asks:
remember me?
"No," she answers the Girl with a fright. — I've never seen you before.
— cough, Cough, -coughing woman. — I'm you. For many years I took care of the Toad and waited for her to become a Prince. I was told that it's just a Toad, but I didn't trust anyone. I believed only the Toad. I really wanted to marry the Prince. And I was afraid that if I run Toad, it will never happen. So many years have passed, and yesterday the Toad died.
Just died of old age. And I cried for a long time that will never happen. About his life, which was spent in order to care for her. I cried about what had become old and are unable as before to run through the meadow, and catch butterflies. And about a Prince who will never marry.
— look at me, Look! — shouted the old woman. — I am your future!
— no, No, ' cried the Girl. She wanted to run, but his legs would not obey her and she just closed his eyes with his hands and screamed: 'no, No!!
— You're disturbing my sleep, — she heard a squeaky voice. He opened his eyes and saw that he was asleep on the couch, and the Toad is sitting on the floor and looks at her.
— Take me to bed and be quiet! — told the Toad.
the Girl looked at her and her head spun one after another phrase that told her the Bird, Witch, Sorceress, and that old woman in her dream:
— It's just a Toad!
She got out of bed, picked up the Toad, went to the door and opened it.
the Toad felt something was wrong:
— Hey! Where are you taking me?! — yelled it.
the Girl opened the door widely swung and threw the Toad as far as I could.
— Go away! — she shouted. And don't come back. I will never feed you and put on your bed! This is my house and I'll do what I like. I'll be back to run across the meadow, catching butterflies and enjoy life! I don't believe your promises. You're just a Toad!

She closed the door and for the first time in many months, smiled.

the Tale does contain a lot of meanings, values, and about our desires, needs, dreams, empty action, maybe even pride that we feed, how we protect ourselves from information that reveals to us the reality, etc. Write, what meanings between the lines you have seen. br>
by the Way, if to speak about the help of psi-specialists, in this tale just talking about the fact that the girl at least three visits from psychologists. That was then started an inside job that appeared in dream. br>
Great if this story will be useful and will help make the decision itself. However, it is hardly possible, if there is no willingness to change. Only when inside Matures strong desire to change the situation, there is a response. br>
All blessings to you!

Strakova Angelica
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