Perhaps everyone has heard the expression "those who chase two rabbits will receive." Someone right after living with this setup, and gives it to the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. And live entire generations afraid of anything to wish for. I have therefore always raises the question to such people – how much do you get if you want a little?

Desires determine our motives, aspirations, affect the mood and energy level. Yes, there are desires that are difficult to implement, sometimes even impossible. And the main mistake in our thinking is that once the unrealistic wish, it is necessary urgently to cease to desire (although it is almost the same as "not think about white monkeys", but some really work!).

we can turn into goals. The goal requires that specific actions, and emotions associated with its achievement or non achievement. But the desires themselves are not the goal!

Our imagination allows us to wish for impossible things. You may ask why to want incredible, if it still incredible? But the more you fantasize, the more and wider the scope of your desires – the more interesting you can make your real life.

if you really want to go to space, but you're 80 and the astronauts will not take you, no matter how you try. But if you allow yourself a bit about this dream.. Who knows, maybe you'll write a wonderful book, or teach the children and grandchildren of astronomy, or are doing sports, hoping that space tourism will become available for everyone. Yes, it's not a dream come true, but this is something you will be interested in doing what you enjoy and what will every day to fill your life.

Such desires may be as many, and not necessarily every turn in the meaning of life. But allow it just to BE sure. Allow your imagination to work and see where we have the strength and energy in order to begin implementing at least some of them.

And therefore, DESIRE! Wish you anything! Can talk about their desires, can write, can they just think that it's important not to stop to do that and to seek the desires even when it seems that absolutely do not want to.

For example, a great exercise is to take a clean sheet and with his left hand (or right if You are left-handed) for 20 minutes to write on it at least 40-50 sentences beginning with "I want..". And then you can read it to yourself aloud and to perform, as in you speaks each phrase.

Mikhail Zoshchenko once aptly remarked that "the meaning of life is not to satisfy desires, but rather to have them", remember it and be happy!
Bityukova Natalia
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