a Frequent question on consultations with a psychologist or in front of the advice,
"And how we need time to solve everything"?
Obviously, in order to solve time need a lot. Because many tasks in this life! But to perform local tasks and sometimes missing one consultation. How much time it will take depends of course on the client and what is happening in the consultation.

What happens at a consultation between the psychologist and his client? If you write about a well-known, banal things like, privacy policy, reflection, and conversion-which is certainly important, but is described in many places, I would like to say about the customer's attitude towards himself, which will appear on this consultation.

It is of course that the consultation will require time and effort of the one who receives it, and the money of course. And here there are those who are so interested to know myself deeper, to know yourself and your inner world that are willing to go very deep. Vidudaya on a favorite/favorite, time, money, effort. Someone will stop as soon as you hear, understand, aware, know the answer to one of your questions. The question that bothers most.

of Course it's not that some of these options are correct. Right or wrong to judge every man for himself. Based on their criteria, attitudes, interests. But you need to understand the following,
"TIME of WORK WITH our INNER WORLD DEPENDS DADE NOT so MUCH on HOW YOU BROKEN, HOW many on HOW INTERESTING YOU CHAMI FOR THEMSELVES". Why it is important to understand, probably okay? Sometimes there are those who learn that You've been to a psychologist a few times ready in horror to exclaim,
"You what? Quite sick!?"

No, I'm not sick and not sick. I'm interesting to myself as a person. I'm interesting to myself as a woman, a girl. And I'm happy to set aside time on a favorite, the favorite.

There is certainly also the issue that there are different areas of therapy that involves long-term work, or kratkosrochnye work. In this article, to discuss it will not. 

There is a video in which I discuss that topic areas of therapy, duration of counselling -

Who need to see it. 

you Know, I was faced with the fact that starting to study psychology, and I started with myself when I enthusiastically began to tell relatives and friends that interesting I about myself learned, realized, realized, I was not simply were viewed as umalishennogo, yeah right and asked. Like I'm crazy so that psychology I started and did not stop. As time went on. But now many of those to whom it was does not understand my fascination with psychology live like that... As if mildly... How I hadn't exactly wanted to live, live! That's their business. And there is my business. 

My business, interested in his inner world and help others to understand their inner world! 

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Ivan Matryona

Psychologist. Family psychologist. Medical (clinical) psychologist.

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