How many hours a RAID of the experience of life you have?

(algebra and geometry of fate, thought, the reality of the dream)

In aviation there is a concept of flight hours the pilot: 5-7 thousand hours was an experienced pilot and 10 thousand hours - experienced master, and each of us this experience already has in sufficient quantity, will understand of what it consists.

the average person lives 70-80 years, which is about 29000 days and about 700000 hours of life. A lot? That seems very. Understand?

About a third of our life we give to training and the acquisition of necessary skills, the kindergarten, school, educational institutions, and another third of the total number of work, career and society, and another third (an average course of 7-8 hours a day) to dedicate to sleep and relaxation. And despite this huge number of hours we somehow consider ourselves not Masters of life, but only her students. After all, as in aviation to become a master in any thing you need 10,000 hours, my Teacher says "do this move or the mental exercise 10,000 times , it means "Banzai" and you, Master."

Banzai (jap. 万歳 Banji, "ten thousand years") is the Japanese pronunciation of the traditional Chinese wishes of longevity (Chinese pronounced "wansui"; Ms. brown. obsolete. "Many years!"), on Russian can be translated as "long live!".

In the past usually used as a shortened version of "Tenno: hake Banzai" (jap. 天皇陛下万歳), traditionally Japanese wish ten thousand years of life to the Emperor. Often used as a rallying cry of Japanese soldiers (similar to the Russian "Ura"), in particular, the tradition attributes his kamikaze. Now in Russia, "Banzai!" means about and "Yay!".

reasons for the skills we have enough – so each of us can become a Master of life (and in fact already is), the Master of society or career, (success, status, power, influence), the Master space of the Dream or Reality (quantum reality of life, its filling).

the dream Space is no less real and in it we spend a lot of time, so that if I wanted to thought of themselves as craftsmen. Physiology shows us that during sleep the brain is not resting, he is also active, just the activity is aimed at inner peace, for processing reality and experience, to discharge the emotional charge and processing mental images. So much more real? That is, sleep is one of the forms of existence in reality. And if he gives control? Is it possible to get an answer in a dream or solve the problem?

While there is only the character code and descriptions of the dreams of Jung, Freud and followers. But the dream concept of the individual, this letter is written by the Higher powers to you or your message to the Universe. It is strictly personal and can only be General rules for entering the sleep problem statement to the solution. Examples in the history of humanity, as many scientists and discoveries during sleep.

"sleep is a temporary loss of consciousness caused by evolution, not trauma."

"the Task of sleep to recognize what is the essence, to understand, and not to transform."

A. E. Chervonenko

the Seminar "the Magic of dreams ARACOR".

Task to pull out from the dream reality, to impose the dream as a blueprint for reality, if not the same as an empty dream, everyday.

Consider the content of their dreams they domestic or speak?

Maybe no sleep at all? Maybe Reality is also a kind of dream?

I Wish to allow myself to Be a Master of your reality!

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