In this article I want to talk about the period between childhood and adolescence. About adolescence. It would seem that  this topic are covered from all sides with  specialists in different level but unfortunately  problems  of this age often remain unresolved, and this in turn leads to tragic consequences.   teenagers with whom I work, I often diagnose different levels of depression. From mild, to severe.  in addition, according to the test results I see that  teenagers “torn” from reality. They  are literally ‘head in the clouds” and experiencing difficulties in establishing real social contacts with peers. I guess, the insufficiency or complete absence of real informal communication between teenagers, and a high level of  teaching load are  important  reason  for adolescents with depression.

I'll Start in order.

Adolescence begins at 10-11 years and ends at the age when people became an independent and financially independent. Teen -  not yet adult, but not quite a child. On the figurative level, the person who is in  adolescence   it seems to me not in a very strong position. With one foot he stands in the “childhood” and another has stepped in “adulthood”.

   adolescence  hormonal changes in the body. Changing body,  teen  have to learn to accept your new body and your new look. And thus to answer the question: “What am I?»  in addition a growing person you need to answer the question: “who am I?”.

Each age period has a leading activity. Teenagers is COMMUNICATION.  Communicating, they find themselves important people, learn to build a system of relations. Learning to be adopted by the group, and then to stand out among many, and select “your man”. Learn to create intimate relationships.  Can “try”. And "to rehearse" separation from the parental family.

it is Possible to say that adolescence is the period of preparation for adult life, and  gives you the opportunity to learn and practice necessary skills.

of Course, then I can argue that those who choose a teenager for communication, can be very inappropriate by the company. And learn he may not be what you need. But here it depends on what it has invested. And how close people will be to take it growing up.

Many parents do not “hear” of their maturing children, and therefore don't know their needs. Require control. And everything seems to be doing for the happy future of the child. Teach, develop.  the Students in addition to classes at school, additional classes with Tutors. Visit circles and sections (well if with pleasure, and not for the obligations of that when it started and now we need to continue). The communication is not enough time. Or schedule of rest do not coincide with those who would like to communicate better. Children learn a minimum of six days a week.   as friends call toys, or fictional characters.  And it seems that do not believe in soy happy future for which they are now so tense and sacrifice the most important – COMMUNICATION.

In conclusion, a parable

the Family came to the restaurant to have lunch. The waitress took the order from the adults and then turned to their ten year old  son. 
— What will you order? 
the Boy timidly looked at adults and said: 
— I'd like a hot dog. 
No sooner had the waitress write the order, as the mother intervened: 
— No hot dogs! Get him a steak with mashed potatoes and carrots. 
the Waitress ignored her words. 
— You will be a hot dog with mustard or ketchup? — she asked the boy. 
— ketchup. 
— all right, — said the waitress and went to the kitchen. 
at the table prevailed was a deafening silence. Finally the boy looked up at the audience and said, 
— you Know what? She thinks I'm real!
(C) Anthony de Mello, "When God laughs"


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