Today I'll tell you the story of my patient, which is a lot less than  wanted to get involved ,but it lacked all the time of motivation.

for privacy reasons – names and events changed.

so : at the reception - interesting young woman who understands that her life is passing her. Someone from friends is skiing, girlfriends dancing, colleagues learn the language and all around strive for something, want something and Elena-like as too all to learn.

She quickly gets the desire, buys or Nordic poles or scales for weighing, a subscription to the Solarium and began to study and train. A month later the desire dies away and come up with soothing rationalization:  -“ I don't need it"," is not my”.

What's next? And then all around the disappointment that it didn't work, guilt and anger that I'm not and I envy those who have but work has other interests. 

 Here's what I've suggested. Ponder why all her Hobbies?

If the answers are: “So fashionable”, “unable to keep up with friends”,  “maybe then useful"," it's my mom or husband"-then it is better to leave these desires in its infancy.

If the answers are:" I wonder”,” it is Curious ,what happens"," I here is another"-worth a try. Curiosity and interest - the makings of motivation. What they are stronger, the higher the motivation.

Then we came to the conclusion that Elena loves to do needlework, but her husband and her friends didn't approve. Elena tried to adjust, suppressing his desire, the result was an internal conflict..

as you study  conflict  Elena was engaged in needlework ,ceasing to feel guilty for something that is not consistent with the views of her husband.  it no longer needs excess motivation, interest and curiosity lead her.

Put the number 1 - If you now know how to deal with anti motivation

Check the figure 2.-If You liked the story, what are You – use to know

And You is that You start – then and then leave?

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