the Dream was vivid and colorful, in soul overflowed with peace and tranquility: She dreamed a Dream. Implemented! What bliss!

But what is it? Concern was growing: of nowhere came a flock of crows. What a blatant invasion of a beautiful world where It is a Dream! Cawing black cloud is filled, it seemed, all the space, the ravens brazenly flew and pecked at It and Dream. And then their croaking was possible to discern the phrase: "It's not a dream, and just laugh!", "Your dream confirms your selfishness!", "What about you now people will say!". And suddenly It came to a huge Raven, he croaked, drowning out all others: "do not Even dream! Don't waste on this stuff the time! You still don't succeed."

Wanted to scream, to disperse these birds, to defend the Dream, but fear paralyzed, and suddenly they are right, then...? A dull sense of hopelessness... She glanced at the Dream drifted further and further away until they completely disappeared.

She woke up with the feeling of loss and devastation...

With us often there are such dreams, only a crow's dream in the real life comes in images of people. It can be as meaningful and just "passers-by" in our lives that leave invisible mark on the soul, destiny.

Who are they "significant" and "passers", the people in our lives?

"Important people". They affect us from the first minutes of life. It is they, our parents, we're talking about their dreams and desires, and in response hear: "Try and you will succeed!", "I don't know, maybe you something and succeed!", "Do not dream, nothing will come of it!". And in these parent lines were laid by the first program influencing the achievement/non-achievement of dreams – if a child, the child will hear from their parents doubt their abilities/capabilities, if he can believe in himself, because his parents don't believe in him? If parents Express faith in your child, there is a chance to instill in him immunity from the unbelief of others. But here, too, should be careful that the child does not have any unrealistic ideas about themselves and their capabilities.

as they grow older become meaningful friends, spouses, children... They can help us in the fulfillment of desires, and in default too. Most often they are guided by a concern about us (the desire to protect from frustration, rash actions, to protect). They either strengthen our belief in the power to achieve or undermine faith in success.

"Passersby". We are surrounded by a huge number of people: colleagues, neighbors, casual companions... Intersecting, we exchange verbal and nonverbal "replicas" that can be deposited in our minds and, at the worst possible moment, get to look back on public opinion. "Passer-by" said something without thinking, went ahead and forgot about us, but we continue to live. These statements can stay with us in the form of beliefs, works as a brake pedal in the car traveling to our Dream.

the Surrounding people, "significant" or "passers-by" doing useful or harmful for us gift: beliefs about our capacity to make the dream a reality. And, if a useful gift for clear – Holim and cherish, as to be harmful?

Let's try to find anti — adoption, working to our advantage. Best job to do in writing.

1. Write down on a sheet of the statement presented to others, which prevents you to realize the dream and it seems the most harmful at this stage.

2. Who taught you this statement? From whom you learned about it?

3. What gave you this statement? For that you can thank your teacher?

4. If you know of a person who has no such beliefs? How does this affect his life?

5. Would you like to have this person become your teacher assistant in the replacement of old, harmful, approval, new, useful? (If "Yes" continue if "no" — go back to step 4 and choose another person).

6. Imagine that your chosen person, your new teacher, sitting in front of you, ask him to help to make anti — statement (write at least 6 variants). What else can it help you?

7. In turn, read all the recorded options, pausing after each. Listen to yourself, how you respond to it, what image occurs, what emotions. Do write next to each of the anti — statements.

8. Choose from a list of anti — claims-one that responds to you the most. Imagine what happens in your life, if you will be guided by this statement. Like you are the picture? (If "Yes" continue if "no" — select new claim from the list and start again from step 8).

9. Attach the selected statement: make a poster or drawing of the image with which you associate it. And let this be a reminder as often as possible to stay out of your way. For greater effect – write a story in which life events of the main character confirm the correctness of your anti – adoption.

10. Praise yourself for your work!

That's it for now. Remember that you have embarked on the path of their dreams, and it's time to clear your head from unnecessary garbage donated by you generous with others, even if they were guided by good intentions!

PS She had a dream in which She and the Dream back together. She enjoyed this perfect world. And, suddenly, the sky again appeared a flock of crows. Cawing black cloud was approaching, bringing with it a new kick. But She wasn't scared, she knew She would be able to resist them, can protect your Dream and yourself. She watched a Raven, and it strengthened the confidence that this time She will not lose anything and only gain...

P. S. S. And as You free yourself from negative beliefs, given to others?

If have tested the proposed technique, tell us about your results in the comments!

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