How parents can help their children with excessive body weight

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Hello, this article I would like to dedicate child and adolescent obesity, namely how parents can help their child. I hope that my experience and knowledge will be helpful to parents.

From my personal experience (and I do it full children more than 4 years) that is possible to achieve guaranteed weight loss in a child if the following conditions are met:

- the mandatory involvement of parents in the process of reducing the weight of their child;

- active parental support and personal example in behavior and nutrition;

- the implementation of the recommendations aimed at normalizing eating habits (which I will cite below);

as an illustration I will give an example from my own practice. Cyril, a 12 year old boy, came to me for consultation in 2012. When handling the body weight was 104,3 kg, BMI accounted for 45.1 (obesity 4 degrees). The situation aggravates in the presence of hemiparetic forms of cerebral palsy, mental retardation and overweight boy's mother. The immediate reason was that the extra weight bothered to have surgery on the foot, while the local endocrinologist could not offer an adequate way to reduce weight except diet. The recommended diet to follow the boy didn't want to, but like many of his peers.

I proposed the program to the normalization of eating behavior. The main recommendations of the program for parents I would like to mention:

  1. Power of parents and children must be the same. You need to make useful and profitable products have been implemented in the food for the whole family.
  • do Not buy crisps, chocolate, sausage .... All the things that could hurt you and your baby;
  • the simpler the product, the better – it must, in its composition contain simple natural ingredients. For example, instead of yogurt, buy plain yogurt, and you can add a teaspoon of sugar and natural fruits;
  • When buying products, see the composition and take the products with the least shelf life. Do not buy products where the fat content exceeds the content of protein and carbohydrates.
  • Situation when you eat a sausage sandwich, washed down with tea and cake and children will offer soup and forbid what is eating you is not. It will only encourage your child to what to eat in secret;
  • it is Important that your children trust you. But no child will trust the parent and obey him, if denying your child a parent will be to use it;
  • do Not forbid the children to eat junk food – just don't buy it, not give a reason for the temptation.
  1. reducing the number of/the ban on pocket money. As a rule, all the money kids spend on crisps and chocolates that can be bought and eat after school, and even in the school cafeteria when parents don't see it. If in your school there is no cafeteria where you can eat freshly prepared hot food, then you collect food to school and give your child. It will not be a full meal, but it will be a snack that will hold out until normal dinner if your child is to learn in the first shift, or dinner – if he learns the second. A snack that you can take with you to school can be a salad, such as salad, sandwich – whole wheat bread, lettuce, ham/beef/a slice of Turkey or chicken, slice tomatoes, fruits, dried fruits, cottage cheese with fruit. You also need to make sure that there was hot tea, or at least, clean drinking water. Food in suhomyatku provokes the development of gastritis.
  2. Resume the tradition of joint breakfasts, Lunches and dinners. It helps to get rid of the temptation to eat in front of the TV or computer, plus adds the psychological moment of unity (all together, and eat what I did).
  3. do Not humiliate, do not call your child.

Phrases like, "where you still eat, you're fat...." will provoke a child to close down and his self esteem will drop even lower than it is. Know the feeling of the children with overweight and obesity? They are very anxious, extremely confident, inappropriately refer to themselves in addition they have formed a huge gap between his ideal and himself. Difficulty in interpersonal relationships and a sense of inner emptiness imposed even on the age psychological characteristics.

portrait of a family in which the child is overweight, often involves disturbing, an overprotective mother and a cold, distant authoritarian father. Often the mother is busy with the upbringing of the child and devotes all his spare time. Dad is always busy with work and rarely sees her child. It does not make sense to blame someone or trying to put psychological "diagnoses". Just remember, the next time you want to accuse your child of overeating that obesity is an addiction. And it was formed not because of the desire child, but because of the living conditions of the child in his family.

recommendation of the popes. Try to be more involved in the lives of your children, praise them, recognize successes, talk to the child (and not only on the subject of his grades, or bad behavior).

recommendation the mothers. On the contrary, develop in the child independence: assign small chores, the more trust the words of a child let the opportunity to solve problems and to answer for their actions.

  1. Reducing mental stress of the child. High mental load promotes the formation of excess weight. This has been proved in numerous studies around the world. The fact that mental stress is an additional stress that provokes appetite. If your child is learning at school with high mental load (Lyceum, gymnasium, specialized school with advanced study), it is necessary to remove very fashionable nowadays tutoring. Also remember, if your child is to learn in the first shift, it is necessary to create conditions for change activities. That is, while a child came home from school and started to do the homework should take no less than 3.5 hours. And this gap has to be a mandatory change of activity (dancing, tennis, photography, etc.). If your child is studying in the second shift, then homework should not be performed at night and the next day in the morning.
  2. Joint with my parents Hiking in the evening. Reducing weight involves exercise. So each night (at a time when parents often spend time in front of TV and children - in front of the computer, while eating a variety of food) you, together with the child, going to the Park walking at a brisk pace. Walking alone creates too great a temptation to stay home, so collect the company. First, during a walk you are communicating with your child. Secondly, he feels that you support him. And, thirdly, with the help of active walking you eliminate the possibility of overeating in the evening.
  3. No food motivation. As motivation for weight loss in children is low, you need to further encourage and promote slender lifestyle. How? Before you were able to encourage sweet, now you need to offer children not edible gifts. But this should not be the things you would have bought him a new jacket for the winter. The gift should be desirable. Such that the child thinks. So he will be looking forward to it. Not necessarily that the gift was tangible. For example, for the discharge of a certain quantity of pounds you can offer a child as a hike in the Park and a trip with dad on a fishing trip.
  4. New Hobbies. A slim body means a lifestyle change. For children, however, as for adults, food is a means of obtaining pleasure and avoiding boredom. In order that the food was just way to replenish vital forces and energy necessary to enter in the child's life that will occupy his time, and most importantly, be fun. Many children and would have been willing to go to swim, dance, creative circles, but they are afraid. Fear of becoming an object of ridicule and mockery (and not wrongly) by their peers. But, if there is, where the child wants to come, he will not be alone (that is, will children of the same size), it will remove the anxiety and he will feel more comfortable. It is a proven fact. Therefore, those children with whom I do go to the same Studio chosen by parents.

In the case of Kirill, who has been actively helping his mom, weight loss within 6 months was more than 15 kg. this was largely the merit of his mother, who herself dropped a significant amount of pounds. He managed to achieve the desired result and to get the surgery. But, more importantly, he managed to stop the weight gain, which means forming the right food installation that will last a lifetime.

According to statistics, the chance that the child will be overweight in a family where 1 parent is overweight, is 60%. If both parents suffer from excess body weight/obesity, the probability of having problems with the weight of the child increases to 80%. Therefore, you will greatly increase the chance of own child in harmony in that moment, when they actively connect to the correct strategies and a balanced diet.

Yuliya Magomedov clinical psychologist, specialist in child and adolescent weight loss.
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