Our minds tend to cling to the problem. br>
When they hit problems with money, business or relationships, we "think" you need to push harder to gather herself together, to work more or do more to build personal life...

Like good ideas, we begin to press on and things start to go even worse...

Money becomes less when we watch them run...

Things do not go, we are distracted by little things, when trying to take the top on will power...

When you focus on active personal life, it remains an oppressive feeling of loneliness...

Our mind at this moment makes an interesting somersault - he fixes attention on the problem and it starts to grow, literally the whole world becomes problematic... br>
So the thing is that through the mind we can only solve the basic tasks that are already done and which we are confident. br>
to Get the result outside can only be freed from the fixation of the mind. br>

what is the fixation? br>
At the level of the body appears as a clip and we feel the tension.

mentally - we begin to assess the situation as unsolvable...

On a subconscious level - we begin to avoid the decision...

Born internal resistance. br>
In the end, we passionately work to achieve the result, and it is farther from us.

Very often discouraged when we understand what directly will not solve the problem. br>
it is Necessary to act in a different way. br>

In our approach we use the metaphor of home to describe what is happening in the subconscious. br>
Imagine. what's inside subconscious there is an apartment high-rise building. br>
Let's imagine a Marina - girl of 27 years who works at a stable job, wants to open a business, but when it comes to business - she simply give up.

each apartment home its infinite lives part of her personality , in different ages and conditions. br>
In one room lives a child of six, and very afraid of being judged. br>
Perhaps at that age there was a bad precedent, which is deposited in the memory and every now and again, when it is necessary to make an independent decision she feels guilty. br>
If she rests a horn and start to plow - it just vyzhget myself and get depressed. br>
the result: we can't change, acting directly wahiwa and burning yourself. Appear from this breakdown and the result fizzles. br>
It needs deep transformation, the work adresno with a six-year part of the personality. br>
If you let her go, and Marina will act differently. br>
She will become more Mature, it will change thinking and over time it will do what you will. br>
Internal brake is not always our enemy. br>
Often, it is a gift that this block wants to give you, so you have radically changed my life. br>
the Main thing to dig up - what is it. br>
PS If you feel that you have an internal block and you want it removed, then please contact me in private messages:

We will contact you for 20 minutes on Skype and will analyze - what are your blocks and how to remove it. br>

Daniel Nazarkin
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