a Familiar question, right?

you can't trust Anyone - an extreme form, of course.

more common "he betrayed me, and since then I can't trust anyone".

And how many male clients I have listened to in the format of "first love at age 17 cheated on me, was very painful, but I chose home, good that will never change, and love, since I prefer on the side and not long."

Men, of course, at home silent, high - "all women are bitches, fools", by the way is now the Internet. Recently on FB a man is loud and pathetic breed, what they did, these beauties. In fact it says that man cannot be trusted, all women can not be hurt necessarily.

women suffering about trust more legalized and more people directly, sincerely, "how am I him now I trust?" or "I don't trust him now".

Let's start with the understanding that we seem to trust the other person. Your peace of mind, their emotions, their softness, tenderness, delicacy, sonority. He can break. And in fact - to cause pain. And then the question of trust in the person sounds like "he could hurt me, how can I be with him?"

Well, You got married, or got married, and I sincerely believe that this person is never going to hurt?

And You prepared for the fact that someone You entrust your fragile, beautiful, noisy world, and You sneezed and dropped?

often the question of trust arises when there is a couple of many years and one of the spouses commits something unpleasant. Cheating, leaving for a long time and suddenly, the offer to live separately. Usually this sees not a running stage of a family crisis and it perceives as a betrayal and puts the issue on the inability to trust the partner.

a Typical query with infidelity - how can I have him (her) to trust after this?

the Answer is Yes in any way. I offer these not to trust him or her, and more.

I trust myself, I can survive the pain of parting, if the new partner will be who I go take.

I will be able to navigate the situation to change with it.

I will be able to assess correctly, to continue the relationship or not.

But shit happens and I will be able to survive and to find a man with whom they will be ridiculous, which will be good for me, and I to him.

And I can also answer for our relationship in crises.

I trust myself.

Inna Boyko
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