How to accept your body?


How to make your body? br>
When we were kids, each of us had a good contact with your body – we trusted him, heard his signals, loved him. Every part of the body was perfect for us because it is our body! br>
Why a great number of people (especially women) don't take your body? This can be expressed in completely different ways, but it certainly poisons the life:

• constantly thinking about how they look and what others think of them people
• compare yourself with others
• deny yourself (in a new outfit, going to the beach, a photo shoot or a party with friends)
• can't relax and get a pleasure during sex.
• constantly trying to change yourself sometimes resorting to unsafe methods of weight loss or medical interventions
• prove to yourself that they are good and desirable, changing sexual partners...

the Reason is stereotypes, expectations, information that is peddled by the media – will tell you. And you're right, but only partly. This fertilizer on the existing ground of failing yourself and your body, no doubt that it is, and nature is not wrong, making a woman just like that. And the true causes of course deeper. Here are some of them. br>
- the Failure of the appearance of the child's parents (not like that does not justify expectations, and self-trauma projection): a critique of appearance, comparison with other children, the labels.
- No physical contact – hugs, kisses.
- Lack of praise and admiration from parents.
- Distancing his father from growing up daughter. br>
resulting In the child feeling rejected, alone, it settles the belief that something is not what it is not right that he's not good enough that he's ugly and not worthy of admiration and love. br>
the situation is Aggravated by the presence of physical and/or sexual violence in a child's life. All of the above is added, and the shame, the disgust for the body, alienation from him. the
Beginning of the previous post! br>
I Must say that there is no one single reason, psychotherapy does not consider these relationships linearly and problems always have a multiple factor. But in any case it is important to learn one important thing: while you reject your body, trying to change him, of abuse, of rejection, you doing the same thing you did once you. br>
the First step in this long difficult but very important path to become a loving, accepting, nurturing parent to yourself. And that is the way that you can go through in psychotherapy. br>
so, the EXERCISE

take time when you were home alone. Stand before a mirror and looked at himself slowly, as if for the first time saw myself. Every part of the body, every part. Try to do it with interest. br>
Locate the parts of the body to which you are pleased to see that you get aesthetic pleasure that you are proud of and enjoy. If there was not anything to worry about, so can also be. br>
Proceed to the next step:

Fix those body parts that you look at neutral, calm, not cause you to have admiration, but also disgust too. br>
Those parts of the body, which cause a clear negative – just mark them – this is my nose this is my belly, it's hair. br>
Do this exercise every day for weeks. Finding new areas of the body on which you can watch on quietly and which are not against the "have an affair".
Moses Elvira
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