How to adapt to kindergarten without tears


Preschool age is the time of intensive development and growth of the child. In this period the maturation of the centers of the brain, begins to form a person's character. In this period falls the first acquaintance of the child with the preschool. Many moms are worried this a period of not less their children. But, instead of needlessly worrying, better help
your baby to adapt.

Here are some important tips for moms of preschool age children adaptable:
Follow the principle of sequence. Possible to adapt the baby will take more time than you thought. Therefore accustom the child to the garden in advance and gradually. The first week together with the child make visits to the kindergarten for two or three hours. Use this time to teach him to navigate and to play with peers.
the Child came to kindergarten, partially skilled samoobsluzhivanieme. In our country there is a large time maternity leave, and it is incomparable plus. This precious time should be used not only as entertainment, games and leisure with the baby, but in order to teach your child to serve themselves. Tragically, many children come to the nursery and not know how to use a spoon and a pot, do not know how to dress. Practice shows that independent kids adapt easier, because they have less cause for tears. Imagine yourself in the place of your child when he has wet pants and he can't do anything about it.
Observe the "Sadowski" mode of the day. This is not a whim of educators, and one of the measures to help adapt to the child.
Check with the teacher a time, secret moments, to the house during the weekend to prepare the baby to stay in kindergarten. Morning rise, leaving a quiet time - NAPs and preparing to sleep for the night, should take place in that period of time, and in kindergarten. These manipulations refer to the time of feeding.

do Not stint on caress! Be ready for anything. You will not be the same as usual. Probably you have to be rude or, on the contrary, is unusually quiet. Often hug your baby, do not be stingy with the hugs and kisses. Find strength and patience for conversations, games and sharing household chores. So the child will understand that you – not mother is a traitor who left him at
the garden with someone else's aunt, that you're still firmly love him and need him.
And remember that the preschool age is the best time, which, alas, will never return. These six years of childhood leave lasting impressions and memories in the soul of a child, and in the lives of his parents.Let's try to make the childhood of your kids even more colorful!

Anna Olovyanishnikov
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