a Person can help all your friends to be faultless in many respects, but often he is ashamed to ask even their loved ones about something important or not. He can be quite self-sufficient, but at the same time in every life there are moments when next need someone who can help, money, advice, devote time and attention, etc.

to help each Other to overcome the resistance, go through pain and suffering, to be there for him in difficult times. How ready are we for it? more people willing to help others than to ask for help, being in a similar situation.

Although there are those who ask a lot and even enjoys the reliability of another person. In this case, it is worth considering that in your behavior such that people use it. Does it irritate you that? How can you act differently? You in this case will be not so white and fluffy in the eyes of others, but save your I and mental health.

Any challenge can be taken alone, but not all of them really perform without assistance.

There are people who fundamentally have nothing to ask because of their pride. As a rule, it is this quality that keeps them from requests. They are embarrassed to ask, afraid of rejection, and sometimes are afraid to get real help, because this will change their internal position of the victim or shake the faith in yourself...

Someone is waiting for what others will guess about his needs and offer themselves to help – babysit, to borrow, to help around the house or work, etc. Other, as a rule, do not guess. They are busy solving their own problems. And unless you ask, you do not get. But if you ask, you have a chance to get what you want!

If you refuse, you will not lose anything but rather gain. You will know how the person applies to you or learn new things about his life circumstances. But if people agree, you get so much more. This help and support is close and the solution to the problem, and the feeling that you are not alone.

the Knock at different doors and you will open. Opportunities at every step. The question is what we want and what we do. No wonder in Russian folklore many sayings on this subject: "the Demand is not a sin, failure doesn't matter", "For demand of money do not take, Fail, not the butt, bumps on your forehead will not" "What I want to and I ask", "ask Not what you can't take", "Give – take; getting after – run!" etc.

Sometimes, Another offers his help, but the man refuses. Out of pride or other motives. Just very hard, and the Other the next time may not offer. by the Way, whoever called in a favor and got in return sincere thanks, next time will be more is back to help you.

There is a category of people who impose their assistance, saying that doing this for our own good, although we did not ask. They thus implement some of his goals, and absolutely not considered with your desires and needs.

This "help" often becomes a burden. And this is called manipulation. After all, if a person really wants to help, he asked the opinion of another: "can I/you help? What can I do to help? It would be helpful for you?" And when they answer, they really do help, and it is valuable.

Help the assistants, tell me what you need. If you're not specific in the wording, people will have to guess what they should do for you and render the service as they see fit. And don't forget in the future to thank them. gratitude is the act of recognition is important and valuable for both parties.

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