How to attract a man? Step by step instructions.


Dear ladies today my article is dedicated for you. Talk like step by step how to attract any man.


Paragraph # 1. Many women believe that they are smart, sincere, nice and versatile and that is already enough in order to attract the attention of any men. This is the first mistake if you have a star on her forehead or the halo over his head)) anyway, it wouldn't be enough to make a man take notice of you. What would the man you noticed you must have a properly structured appearance. What does it mean?

When you look at you, the man should not see the light coming from the halo, and siluetist or hourglass, chest, waist, hips, what are the elements of light erotica. It should stand out in your clothes and of course the colors of your clothes should be juicy and bright warm colors.

Paragraph # 2. All the man was interested, the first step passed and then what?). Look at his body language, how you move and move. It should be elegant vosmerochka in which a woman carries herself, presents, introduces, plus slow feminine movement, but not so much that you will look at a woman and the first question that comes to mind is "Damn how old is she?", sits all hunched, pinched, hunched, as my grandmother)) And the eight really catchy and powerfully attracts the attention of men.

Item number 3. It takes a few seconds and the man is already beginning to read your inner state, what you sad, sad, uptight, sad, troubled, etc. why would he?) If you are getting acquainted with someone, it's not control, it will fail. Why would he want other people's problems, its probably enough. Either you are cheerful, active, cheerful, open - at least in appearance)). It is very cool working model of a little girl who around surprised and admires.

Despite its primitiveness, the man is quite clearly reads the information.

Item number 4. And that's all you dumped on a man who is simply not able to resist and ready to fall to your feet)) And it is very important to do something for him, smile, fix my hair, to say some stupid phrase) or to ask for help, what would he understand that it was for him. And is this the type of women who a lot doing this, but when meeting and communicating look at the floor or avert their eyes to the side, and then wonder why they do not pay attention)).

Point No. 5. Probably the most important. To learn to look at the man with the charisma and admiration for him. Men can forgive many things, but not the lack of admiration.

Well, that's all dear ladies I have laid out five simple tips that will help you attract the attention of d'artagnan) be of good cheer, attract, seduce))

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