How to attract HIS/HER attention. Mirroring


Today I want to share with You another cool technique for Dating - MIRRORING. This technique is taken from the NLP , it serves to establish contact with someone for the location of man to himself. And in Dating, this is it.

a Few words about where it is convenient to use, perfect places where you are sitting, standing opposite each other - it can be an office, a café, a bar, public transport and other spaces where there is a specific time period at your disposal and have the opportunity to draw attention to themselves.

the Essence of the technique is in the title, first established visual contact with any object (how to do it, you can find in previous articles), then begin to copy the posture, gestures, movements that interest you. For example, he threw one leg over the other and you mirror him, raised his glass and raises and you also do not care even if you're holding a mug of tea, the important thing is to repeat the gesture. Do this gently, too much to get involved is not necessary, and it can dramatically evident, as in all need a sense of proportion that would not have reached obtiennent, although it can also be fun and funny, but this is possible only if any object has a sense of humor, to some extent uninhibited and confident. The technique can be used if you have a contact person to reach out to him, this happens on an unconscious level. So there are other adjustments: the breath, the speech rate, intonation, tone, they work when the contact is already installed, but I will talk about them another time:)

One caveat - eye contact, positive attitude and a smile are mandatory, without them anywhere! Try and share your successes:)

Remember, the happiness we create ourselves.

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Zelin Maria
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