If you ever wrote a blog, then you know that the hardest part is to attract readers. If they do not, and the motivation to write a blog you will not. If they are, it is possible to make and motivation always enough. Let's see, what are the three free channel to attract readers to your blog.

1. Related websites

Here are the sites that are close to your subject, and accordingly, sitting there and your potential readers. The best way to send them to to be active on a competitor's site. And simply put, comment on the article.

Personally, I didn't believe it until one time not sitting on one blog for marketing. I came across an article about positioning and after reading it, I felt the frustration. The article was absurd, as I wrote in the review, carefully adding their opinion by arguments. When you publish the comment I left a link to your website in the contacts and...the next morning I found in the statistics of 60 visits to my blog from that site. Also there are new subscribers. Honestly, I changed my mind about this method.

What do you do?

now sit down and write (find) 10 of sites similar to your theme.

Start to leave one by one review in 2-3 days under the articles. Comments should be sincere!

And don't forget to insert your site address when you leave a comment.

2. Webinars

Method that allowed me to collect the first readership on my blog.

All I do is webinars held two or three times a week.

When I was conducting a webinar, the slide always had the address of my blog and I advertised it in the end. It is not difficult for you.

Find a suitable public platform for webinars and just share useful information with listeners. But, webinars are a big topic and there's a separate article that will appear soon :)

What do you do?

Write 5-6 things you'd like to host a webinar.

Sign up on the websites and

Make a presentation where each slide will be the address of your website.

Spend the first webinar!

3. Twitter

to build a base of Twitter followers is not so difficult.

the More I wrote about it in this article - this article

What do you do?

now sign in to Twitter

Follow the rules of maintaining the account described in that article.

Share your publications on the blog with your subscribers

many useful articles read on my website!

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