Each of us at least once in life experienced such a feeling as resentment. Where did it come from? Resentment is the discrepancy between our expectations and reality. Sometimes, you build a whole world in my head, and then take offense at the real world that he really is not.

Let's consider a specific example. For example one girl, we'll call her Michelle, fell in love with his colleague, let's call him Peter. Their acquaintance took place at the conference, which was held in Prague – the beautiful old town. They walked through its winding streets, watched the sunset and talked endlessly. Just could not stop, how much they wanted to say to each other, and Olesya felt that she had met a truly kindred spirit. There was only one "but" very comprehensive and hefty – colleague was married. Because Olesya did not expect that any communication is possible by their return, but in the last day over Breakfast, a colleague asked for her number and said that they can see in the hometown. Olesya cheered and decided that at least good friends they certainly can be (this is an obvious deception, but we now not about it).

On returning to his native city, Peter moved to new a business trip, and Olesya decided to surprise him for the upcoming two weeks from the day of birth. Peter was a gun collector, and Olesya ordered him a copy of the hussar sabers of the 16th century, which was made to order and cost is not small money. For all these two weeks Peter Olesya't called or wrote, and in the hour of X, that is the birthday of Petra, Olesya, she called and congratulated me and said he wanted to give a gift. Peter happily agreed they had met in a small restaurant on the outskirts of the city, Olesya, shining solemnly handed him the gift, Peter was flattered to the core. And after three weeks was the birthday of the most Olesia, and immediately after their meeting she paints painted me the options of gift that she can present Peter : "for Such a sophisticated man like him, - said Olesya – have to give something extraordinary."

But after about a week, she has a very pleased me all the same, we do not knowingly worked with her. And she said to me: "I told him he nothing to give and even me not to congratulate. I really wanted to please him, and I did, it is my right and his right to do as you please".

you Know what Peter did on the day of birth of Olesya? Nothing, he did absolutely nothing. Imagine how would feel a Oles if I waited for a special and exquisite gift, which he dreamed every day, and never got it? Here it is resentment, which could just gobble up with giblets. But Olesya allowed to Peter to do as he pleases, she didn't have expectations and therefore disappointment.

now imagine how beautiful world would it be if we Wperestanem to consider everything around us owe something and have something that if you give candy, you surely have to give the candy back, and even better DVe confetky or the whole box. But we just sincerely glad good and bright, what you are doing for us. And yet, no less important, we enjoy the feeling of joy, giving and not expecting something in return.

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the Happiness we create ourselves:)

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