What woman does not dream of happiness? Of course, in order to reach a situation in your life, you need to take in their hands not only the creation of favorable living conditions, but also programming. It is this fact — the ability to program yourself that everything will turn out, is one of the fundamental in the creation of his idyll. Happiness is a very multifaceted concept, which includes so many bright shades in the palette called life that sometimes to catch the changes is very difficult. The darkness will be dispelled, because to be happy — simple as that!

From early childhood, girls build their own plans on how the rest of their life, what is family, career, how many children... And how strange that most of these plans are not destined to come true only due to the fact that time has not given a correct installation. How to be happy? The answer to this question, oddly enough, is on the surface and does not require intrusions in the deeper layers of psychology. Experts say that all this work of our own hands and relation to reality. Usually a powerful incentive is the desire to achieve something, but there must be also additional leverage.

"I'll be happy!" — said of a woman, even when the world around her collapses. Why did we start promoting on this ladder, which will undoubtedly lead to the desired state of mind? First we need to learn to think about everything positively. Yes, in the literal sense of the word: the glass is not half empty but half full — the first thing that comes to mind. But thoughts alone would not be enough, you need to make a plan of action.

so, the main points in it are these

• the definition of happiness in personal perception, in other words, what for you does the term "happiness";

• definition of the scope of things or events that can make you happy;

• a transition to active actions.

One of the important aspects in the theory about how to become a happy person, is the fact that happy can't be in the past, will not work in the future. Happiness is now, at the moment, so the effort to send makes sense too, now.

There is a widespread belief that happiness is very elusive. Believe me, it is not. Rather, it triggered the principle of distrust: a priori happiness can not be given easily, it is imperative to go through suffering or tragedy in order to acquire it in full. But sometimes happiness comes in hand itself! But no, people create their own obstacles, and then with excitement or with terror, who knows how, overcome them using excessive force and only then will you feel happy fully. How to be happy without this mess? How not to miss your way? It's simple: look at your life with open eyes, to analyze, to be questioned negative events and find a positive link.

Sometimes a woman cannot understand their place in life and accept yourself for what it is. In this case, can not do without skilled psychologistthat because to adequately assess the situation and give the correct setting can only be experienced specialist.

it is very important inner confidence. "I want to be happy, I deserve happiness" — these words must be repeated, like a mantra, believing in her entirely. Creating a background in a variety of events, it should be possible to limit those that can aggravate the situation and create a negative background. It is clear that to avoid disappointments do not succeed, but to minimize that is one of the priorities. Psychologists suggest, if it is impossible to change the situation you need to look at it from a different point of view.

the plan should be real events, no fabulous fantasy rather down-to-earth action plan for the week. In this case, the alert must involve the fact that at first, it may not be so simple: find a series of daily routine tasks is something that will be sure to bring its share of satisfaction, and most importantly, find the strength and time. But the goal here is such that it is possible to break himself. How to be happy and loved? Very simple: a strong desire!

Author: Ekaterina SVETOCH, psychologist-psychotherapist


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