Close your eyes and imagine your man on the first day of Dating. Remember your date, remember his smile? And your eyes burning from a name of your choice. Do you remember how you talked about everything?! On every date chose beautiful lingerie and dress!

And now look at yourself in the mirror and remember when was the last time you spoke, and when was the last a romantic date, and when was the last time you cooked his favorite dish.

(All the names used in this article have been changed).

Case study. The client was already in a relationship and noticed that her man stopped to look at her, began to stay late at work, stopped to eat and became increasingly silent.

the friends he was always ready to go at any time, the phone lasted a long time and continuously.

Start my client with conviction. "he's such a bad, oblivious, does not realize he needs me, I'm right here, and he's not doing anything that I was happy".

But then I asked her to tell me what she does to your men.

Very often, women after marriage or after a long-term relationship relax.

Many people do not like to hear that many do not agree. But unfortunately it is.

a Man should not try, if the woman does nothing.

the Man likes comfort, he likes that there was a hot dinner. He likes the silence after a long working day. A man wants to spend time with friends.

After these my words many people say, what about me??? I want it, too.

I Agree! Try to be not as all! And then your male himself will want for You to do!

So, how can you remain special to his men:

1. Remember that you chose him out of love

2. Remember, what is important to him (always say, here are all individually important for someone ironed a shirt, but for someone hot bread )

3. Take the desire men chat with friends

4. Speak in relaxed atmosphere about their dreams and desires

5. Plan what will happen in the near future.

many people do not want to follow the advice, but when listening get.

In relationship is the ease, the man often says that his woman the best and most special, the mood is improving and there are new plans for the pair.

And when the marriage friends treshit at the seams. My clients say "Try it! And you will notice the result."

Rassokhina Anastasia
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