They really remind me of religious fanatics, who in addition to their slogans don't see around anything. Society tends to suppress women, requires submission to the husband, but what the hell. In Russia, women are forbidden to drive trucks and locomotives, to serve in the army etc. – a nightmare, we have no choice now! I since the childhood dreamed to throw coal into the furnace, and to me the men were seen as equal! After all, if a woman, it doesn't mean I can't do something.

there is no Market. It does not. Here only to such limitations established more out of concern for women, not out of a sense of superiority, safety reasons of those around (although I am sure women distribute me a lot of examples to the contrary).

But psyche is arranged so that when we come across any definite ban, we immediately begin madly want it! For example, before the introduction of Russian sanctions, a few of us soared for the European products, but as soon as embargo, immediately ran to buy illegal cheese and ham — not because they're particularly delicious, but because I have a right to ham, and even if I nafig not needed, will defend him on the Internet that it was sold in the nearest shop. Hawala or prohibited and to be proud of.

have modern feminists real change in the country? Yes. Now in the job I can't tell what it is that this position need a cute girl, not a nerd in the stretched sweater. And what it changed? I likewise, I will advance through a summary before you interviewer person. But Yes, now you can try to do something on a par with everyone, but... as before, everything will depend on the willingness of the tenant and his views on life.

a Few years ago I was working in the personnel Department of a huge concern. And watched for the post in the spirit of "admin reception" came aunt 60 years old, with a "make-up" in the clothes of his youth, surprised local Achara: "you Know, in jobs we have no right to specify gender and age, but we need a girl with the appearance of Emma Watson, someone who is willing to work 12 hours a day 52 for twenty thousand."

That's all the tolerance. And the same cynical refusal to get local Emma Watson trying to get the post of engineer. And then go to scribble plaintive and angry posts in public Russian FEM community. And it will maintain the same offended, and get it all in the fan...

From this fan random pieces of this info gets into their heads, then girls who want to meet a good man and build a family with him. But there it was. There is a term "generalization" is another natural mechanism of the psyche, if simply an incorrect generalization: if me did not take a man, then all men are like that. And the idea of equality for women turn into the most common mugenhentaistages.html.

is it Possible with this setup to build a harmonious relationship with a man? The answer is obvious. And now the bulk of feminists are single women, at best – lesbian. And if lesbians still have a chance at a piece of his happiness in the relationship, then the others are resentful and lonely — were perambulating lumps of hate. They are inharmonious, and therefore unhappy. Well, that's their choice and their path.

For me, as a psychologist, the main setup in all this and family problems that my clients bring to the consultation. After reading another post about men-stupid-goats, the woman begins to look at her husband's confirmation that he wants to suppress and infringe upon. And finds! And immediately it makes.

the Man initially precipitates from the assaults of the blue, trying to explain to her that it not a camel and generally loves her and he protects. But later, if arrivals are transferred on a permanent basis, he just goes out of the relationship — and it's absolutely logical! But this is for confused women a direct proof of the arguments of the FEM-publics: I am an ordinary broody, if you frequently agree with my husband, I am an ordinary woman, if not fighting with him, defending the rights. I goof, if you do not argue it. I'm a double sucker if you agree that I'm a woman, and he a man, and therefore we are different, and it's not bad.

And here, in the regiment of angry feminists — the new adept.

But not so long ago in America, there Feminism 2.0. When I learned of his postulates, laughter was not the limit. Because these women are aimed, first, to deal with the stupid warring-against-men "colleagues", and secondly, they tell women how to NEGOTIATE with men to M and W lived together in peace, benefiting from a partnership...

And the laughter was because — and where is feminism?! That is Feminism 2.0 — this is the most common women who are fighting for the rights, but just want the most harmonious relationship with men.

It is those who understand that man and woman are different, and it's great! And what you need to notice this difference and use it to their advantage. And not to fight. Not to argue. Find a compromise and the proverbial "win-guilt."

but with those, advanced, feminists should take an example. Perhaps then the relationship in opposite-sex couple would be a bit more calm. And yet...

And while scoring only psychologists who are fit to pay kickbacks evil ofstatistical rights. After all, the angrier and more active FEM community, the more we work. So write and don't stop and the more, the better.


Pavel Yeletsky
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