One of the common themes in client requests it, what to do, that he would marry me? This question occurs so often that I had the idea to write on this subject a couple of lines.

Yes, start with the fact that everyone is different and life circumstances so generic advice, but often the personal approach is most productive.

of Course the World is divided not only into men and women . And of course each with its own character and its own history.

So, ladies, before you confuse yourself the question of what to do, that he married me? Take an inventory of what you already have done this, what moved or distanced you from the goal? What part of your life and the relationship you are in?

if you determined that while it did everything in order to frighten the partner and to postpone the day of the wedding, the first thing you need to start to change their behavior and then maybe something happens if you and your partner have the resource to change.

If everything in your relationship is comfortable and perfect, and he still doesn't speak about marriage, perhaps, that he and so everything is fine and change it, not planning anything until it's time until you raise the subject about the wedding and explain why you need it.

At this point, a common question is why I can still wait and he will guess? Can certainly wait, but no one knows how long and wait for you. But if you want to be the master of my life and build the circumstances as you need, so be at the helm of the boat of his life.

of Course we should not be categorical and that form, style, presentation in which you communicate with your partner will greatly affect the course of events.

You need to consider that not every man can immediately give you the answer, so decide for yourself how much time out of your life you can devote to waiting and uncertainty, because the outcome can be any.

And about the main thing, I think male-female relations have different people have different points of contact, depending on the leading of the needs and values of the person. Some couples are joined at the level of wealth, someone sex in the role of first violin, other goals in life took precedence, is important to someone to be met at the level of the soul, others the time spend, etc., Respectively, may be various combinations and combinations of needs and values. So by identifying the leading areas of contact in your relationship with your partner and working on their harmonization and development is like caring for a garden to bloom and very beautiful, you will definitely come to your goal.

Good, you, wisdom and prosperity dear prospective bride, to achieve your goals!

Your therapist, Lily, Kopeichenko.

Kopeichenko Lily
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