How to become a charming person without manipulations?

Say you like to chat with a pleasant, charming man? Your answer, I think: "of course." It is no secret that charming man opened almost all the doors: the staff of the housing Department become more benevolent, Gai - softer and sometimes has to let go of yourself, my dear intruder with the words “do not break”, not writing sometimes even a fine. When a person is in a hazardous location, for example, Sberbank during rush hour or worse - in the clinic, everything suddenly blooms! This is not to mention how the charm has a beneficial effect on relations between the sexes.
Agree that to be extremely useful. At all times, among different peoples and in all countries one of the winning skills was and is still the ability to communicate and to make a good impression, leaving a long trail of bright joyful emotions of the interlocutor after Your communion with him.

for some reason now, people think that a truly charismatic and pleasant people either favorite actors or con artists who know how to ingratiate himself, using his skillful acting, a different kind of manipulation and Machiavellian methods of communication.

I believe that this is not true. We all have a natural charm and know how to please people, but most likely we just forgot about how it's done. Have You ever wondered why children cause adults to such a great delight? The answer is simple: it is in their naturalness. Unfortunately, now it is accepted to think that the childlike adult is infantilism, and even problems with the head. Maybe so, but the fact remains - charming people evoke similar feelings as the children of their genuine naturalness and natural behaviour.

the question Arises: can we learn this? answer: you can, but you need to know important principles. Many modern training in communication give techniques, but, unfortunately, these techniques are reproduced in such a rude and absurd that it is better to do without them.

And you know why?

Because we forgot the most important components of charm, sincerity, naturalness, naturalness, openness, responsiveness. Without these important ingredients every smile becomes false as, for example, forced smile Nutcracker, any behavior is pretentious, in this case, any communication technique, clearly made all the rules and the recommendations of the coach, becomes like a bad joke.

If you really want to get in touch with our natural charm and begin to develop their own potential and charming man, I suggest a visit to free seminar “How to learn easily and quickly to make a good impression on people,” to be held August 3, at 19:00 Moscow time.

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