How to become a good driver. Master driving quickly and easily with the help of a psycho.

"Not the driver who rides behind the wheel,

and the one who drives the car"

the proverb

the Question I now want to answer is given to me very often: "How to become a good driver not having years of driving experience?" Not only answer, but will tell you how to solve the related problem.

Indeed, why have some become a world-class drivers and the passengers with "the wheel" in your hands? What does it depend? You say that everything depends on the knowledge, skills and experience. And you're right.

But only partly. Skills and experience can be simulated. This allows us to do innovative psycho that I use in my work. But the question now is not about that.

Leonid Yakubovich in his TV show said, "You chose "prize" and become a happy owner of the car!" But "possession" still very, very far. Not rarely, people have cars, but don't have them. It happens the opposite, as in the song with "Radio the Chanson": - "It is not I have a car, this car has me." Only those who "belong" machine and becomes a driver.

please Answer the question: how many points out of ten (inner feelings) You have your car? The answer to this question explains a lot. The person who really has something, merged with it into one, what feels "this" part of yourself. As an example: well-fitting clothes, comfortable shoes, sports equipment the athletes... And where are the eyes blind? Right on the tip of the cane.

dimensions good the driver is increased to the dimensions of his car. He may not realize, but it is. As soon as the driver begins to feel the car part itself, reducing it (at the level of sensations) to their size, or increasing (and is correct) to the size of the car – he becomes the owner of the car, begins to feel the machine dimensions, play in steering, "idle" pedals and even the traction tires with the road. Those feelings come with time, but the technique that I am with You now generously share, allows You to access them even before You turn the key in the ignition.

this is Achieved through breathing exercises.

Breathing is the only human function, which is controlled and consciousness and the unconscious. We can, focusing on breathing, breathing with varying frequency and depth, can at some time consciously hold your breath. When we don't think about breathing, we breathe according to their thoughts. The sleeping person to do physical activity, breathing quickened, "nightmares", the breathing is "ragged". But this happens not only during sleep. Immerse yourself deep in memories of Your sport, remember yourself at moments of danger or imagine (feel), how you exercise, and You will not notice how to change Your breathing. But we now are not interested in the effects on respiration, and the reverse process.

so... Imagine somewhere inside your "center". He could be anywhere in the chest, head and abdomen. Mentally move it to the navel area. Just fix your attention on the "center" and drag it into the abdomen behind the navel. If the head other thoughts, some images, feelings, not ignore them. Let them, like waves rolling on the shore, hath ebbed back: "I'll think about it after. Now the main thing is my focus." By the way. What is it You? What are the dimensions of this bulb? What does it consist of? It is the energy, gel, gas...? What color is it?

Continuing to focus on the "center", observe your breath. Breathe with your belly. Imagine that You are along with the air you breathe the energy of the surrounding space. Inhale through the mouth exhale to the center itself. Fix your attention on the fact that the ball becomes denser and begins to grow. Only fix. No effort, no action, no attempt deliberately to change something. Just watch. You see, through your breathing, You inflate the energy ball at the navel area. Slowly, slowly at first, increasing it to millimeters, one, two, three inches... And Wat already, the ball starts to bulge from You. Imagine that it is permeable, but only for what You will allow to let into this world. In this case the car.

Continuing to breathe, increase the size of his energy ball with its center in the navel area up to the size of the car, it needs to be inside the ball, inside Your "center" is inside You. You are aware of. You feel it. You can feel it. Try to get used to this feeling, make it "native". Hold, capturing these feelings in yourself, look around. What You feel about yourself, the car, the road, other road users – feel professional drivers.

the Next step is to work with "resources", inner confidence, inner feelings of knowledge and experience, and it is also possible and necessary to work.

the framework You now have, You have a car in which you sit, - you can turn the key in the ignition.


Agree, this was not difficult.

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