2 ways Apple or Marriott?

I know 2 ways without a budget to provide 70% of the customers returning to you again and again, listen to your recommendations (as professionals), and even following them, and gratefully tell your story left and right:

  1. do You offer something unique and in demand, something that cannot be copied (although doubtful) and to repeat to you the queue Apple.
  2. Or the process of interacting with your company make a unique attractive to your potential customers is harder to copy: Marriott with its unique service anywhere in the world.

I will focus on the tools that allow you to organize the process that way and I will share my personal experience step 1:

  1. Take it as a fact: a rational man is guided by selecting only the factors of utility, does not exist.
  2. Look at their staff and their customers as people, not as a function.
  3. ask yourself the following questions:
  • what, besides the product of the price your customers are willing to pay?
  • how clients make a buying decision?
  • what makes them come back repeatedly?
  • how to ensure real involvement and attentiveness of your staff to customers?

In 2011, as sales Director for a wholesale company involved in the equipment, I was faced with the falling profitability of transactions in a situation of fierce price war in regional market is not unique from the point of view of the proposed product offers. The answers to these questions became my solution, ensuring growth margins trades at 1.7 times. Consider each step in detail in the following scathach.





Yatsura Natalia
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