Children's private dental clinic. Up your NPS from 45% to 83%. Before the transformation they were good doctors, normal the location, entrance, Parking and bunnies painted walls. But the competition is very tough and the number of customers not happy.

They turned the clinic into a real story: I gasped when I saw the result firsthand, instead of bunnies on the walls turned a fabulous plot in the course of movement from the stairs to the offices, even in the toilet You get in on a Lunatic. And instead of an empty, dreary hall: turned full-fledged Playground with a slide, a wall and a car racing machine – the kids love it, parents are busy with their phones. It's not such great costs: no additional advertising, no increase in space, the same doctors and the same state. Now kids, waiting for the doctor, was so distracted that working with them easier and faster, which also affected the profit: the duration of the visit for the same money decreased.

Go beyond the usual, organize all the process to communicating with your staff using your company's services, people feel pleasure. WHILE YOUR CLIENT is EMOTIONALLY COMFORTABLE WITH YOUR COMPANY, HE does NOT THINK ABOUT to LOOK for SOMETHING NEW, unless your services are critical not dropped out of modern technologies and trends.

Even if you offer a service or product is not relevant to the field of entertainment – organize the process so that your customers get pleasure from the ENTIRE process of interacting with your company. It is necessary to decompose all the way to meet and engage potential clients (and turning them in real:)) little steps: research, first contact, who and how to communicate with customers at all stages, the speed of your response to client requests, what is the situation of it all around if there are pauses waiting - can you them to decorate

the Satisfaction of customers, they must obtain a priori. And it's not only the process of their communication with staff: the quality of your proposed product/service should be no lower than the average proposal. Marching forward with pleasure.

Yatsura Natalia
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