Surely you also noticed that the money literally "stick" to some people, and other "shy" and sidestep?

  • Some people are continually richer (whatever they did), while others spend days under the pump at work, but still live modestly.
  • the impression that successful people have no secret and are like a magnet is "attracted" to their money.

the question is — how to become a "magnet for money"? How to "make friends" with their finances, how to gain wealth and prosperity?

Let's dot the "i" and explicitly deal with the question mcourse you can "attract" money with the help of magic incantations, shamanic amulets, Feng Shui, etc. esoteric practices?

of Course NOT!

Various practices to attract money, wealth and abundance is nothing more than a very cynical business, aimed at pumping money from naive suckers (which are not strong in financial literacy and do not know how to handle their money).

How, then, to become a man with the ability to "attract" money into your life?

will Give a few proven rules (knowing and using which you will be able to get rid problems with money and become financially wealthy man):

1) If your income does not suit you — don't give up.

the Presence or absence of money in our pockets means only one thing — the presence or absence of the right skills of everyday handling with their money.

You can achieve any financial goal, having the desire, patience and relevant knowledge:

  • Dream of the millions, doing nothing for this is the extreme degree of carelessness and irresponsibility.
  • the Secret of gaining financial prosperity is very simple — regularly raise their qualification, to aggressively climb the corporate ladder, live frugally, the monthly set aside part of their salary and invest.

2) Competently manage your money.

human Resources are limited (no matter secured or poor). We will never be able to return to those years, wasted energy and money.

If you are experiencing a shortage of money, then do not waste energy on self-pity, hatred of the rich, envy of more successful. Direct all efforts to change this situation to improve your financial life, to learn the rules of handling money.

Wealth can be lost in a moment, if you dispose of them wrong:

  • Remember what happened with those who won large amounts of money in the lottery or received an inheritance, or who substantially increased salary.
  • they are All, with very rare exceptions, cleaned spent them received the money and was again left with empty pockets.

3) Make the money work for them.

Everyone is familiar with this scenario: a man disappears for days at work, takes overtime, but remains on the same financial level.

To become a wealthy man, you need to break this system!

  • Start to regularly invest and buy assets.
  • To do this, start a good habit each month send 10-20% of their salary for investment (buy currency, stocks and gold.metals and other financial instruments).
in a very straightforward by Following these tips, you can forever change your financial life. One day the money will "stick" to you. You will become a rich man without spells and amulets.

isn't this what everyone dreams of?


  1. Become a magnet to money is very simple.
  2. For this you need to follow the rules of financial literacy, to defer part of their salary and every month to invest.
  3. This will allow you gradually to generate substantial cash capital, the income from which you will be able to fully support my family.


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Stuart McPhee
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