Were you or someone you know is that you live as if in a draft or dimly with the hope that a happy future is about to dawn, but now we need to wait? And it does not come and does not occur and instead, first you are angry, after desperate and, in the end, did lose the taste for life.

this happens when you do not live your desires and needs. Each child in childhood lays the script later life, what he will do and what mission to accomplish. Sometimes instead to be the Creator of your life, the path is replaced by imposed scripts of their parents. For example, "I want you to get an education, went abroad and became a prominent scientist," "I want you to learn only in five and took care of their parents" and more, and what the child really wants is not important. How would you live their lives and pursue their wishes – and were forced to agree to it in order to be loved and cherished in their eyes. When there is awareness of this – it can cause a lot of pain. And as a consequence can be loneliness, confusion and despair.

What to do, how to understand what you really are? It may not be rejecting the already traversed path is as smoothly translate on the go with the rushing train to the other track on the road. The first step is to understand their current state of dissatisfaction and a desire to understand himself. Further, so to speak, to stand behind a movie camera my life and start to try to remove. There will be mistakes and failures are perfectly normal. Through the support of people acting in your interest, and trial-and-error you can learn how to better understand yourself and your real needs that will include and charge you with energy. I believe that everyone can achieve great results, if you really want to set foot on this road of self-discovery.

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