despite the desire to be pleasant, friendly and approachable, some manage to achieve the opposite result. Below you will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with some "bad advice". This will help you to examine your behavior and communication with others, those whom you might alienate. Good or bad, to decide, of course, you. However, I hold the view that any information may be useful. Most importantly, be able to find advantage for themselves.

And in order to become unpleasant and annoy others, it is enough:

to Be annoying. to Lose a sense of tact. To turn into "fly" and become so annoying that the desire to beat you with a newspaper is the most enjoyable punishment. In this case, bother with questions, requests and especially the requirements.

Become cowardly. Using molestation, sneaky people will always find a way to alienate the other. In some sense, such a person is the bottom of morality. Therefore, before to compete with the strong, honest, and noble, to improve the quality of their villainy, you can start with children and animals.

Become a boor. It's still in fashion! Many people confuse rudeness with honesty. In this case, you can also practice on children. In this case, rate their inability to think deeply, accused of stupidity, the imperfection of the action. And then, as your ability to be rude, move on to more adults.

to Be a whiner. And if to the above list, you will always something "not enough", "insufficient", "low", "high", "too warm" or "too cold", you will be the best repellent in the world. The main rule in "whining" is to do nothing. Ideally, to do nothing and "whining" about the fact that all your (not implemented) attempts were not successful.

- Become the best nihilist of the Earth. Although the Land may be little need to offer the entire cosmos. The main thing is not to forget about the negative attitude towards life, people and everything they do. And even self-sufficient can be "sway" self-esteem.

PS If you've read this far, I invite you to choose and do something from the following list:

- share this post with friends or mark as a favorite.

- share your opinions about what other qualities should possess a unpleasant person?

- to share the feelings and thoughts that have caused you this entry.

- to offer their ideas about what "bad advice" is not enough (try to take into account all the useful comments).

Alexander Banarescu
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