You cut an onion and thought about the situation at work, then slip and cut your finger. Driving, distracted to turn a corner, drove into another car. Fill the report and remembered that the child has a test tomorrow, and probably again will be the two – made a mistake in the calculations. Whole life you keep telling me, "don't get distracted", but you persistently continue to fly in the clouds and it get trapped. Why so happens and how to stop distracted?


In all of these situations included a neural network for passive mode of the brain (also neural network operational peace, eng. default mode network, DMN). The name of this network was due to the fact that its activity is detected in those moments when a person does not engaged and not focused on solving any tasks in the present. He starts daydreaming. Sitting in memory past events, considering the moments of his life, something he imagines. He is immersed in himself, in his imagination on the basis of which builds a plan of action and predicts future events. By itself, this process is harmless and even necessary. But only when it occurs consciously. But if the neural network is passive mode is activated inadvertently, it was not very good. In these moments of lost concentration on external objects, which forces you to make mistakes and reduces efficiency. For example, you are going to meet the man you see before you, but you start to think: "why?" "And what will happen then?", "Do you remember last time?". You are thinking about things which seems to be important, but they don't help to be present and to carry out your intention. Maybe this time the bad experience of the past, which has formed a low self esteem that made you hesitant, and could not be repeated. You would get a completely new experience on the basis of which could continue to create a new image, or to plan their actions, more relying on their own strength, and be much stronger. However, the potential introduction is left only in your imagination, and the moment was lost.


each of us had moments when we forget about everything. He even forgot about themselves, about their previous experience. Just immersed in work, socializing, walking, driving, exercise. Time passed, and we were surprised to find that was able to pretty much do, there is a sense of inspiration and perhaps a tired, but pleasant, full of a sense of satisfaction. This activity is provided by another neural network – the network operational objectives. With the work of this network link the experience of a "state of flow". The flow status (flow) described and gave it the name of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. In the flow state the person is fully immersed in the process, is concentrated, can forget about themselves and not feel any emotions. But later he will remember it as being a moment of happiness and inspiration. At this point the human ego as if dissolved in the present. Go of irrelevant thoughts and images, distorted perception of time. It becomes possible for a short time to do a lot more. The activity is done effortlessly, passionately. In this state, it stops the constant "buzzing" in the head and people the most effective.

WHY NEED to take

However, we all need a pause. They are necessary in order to give our brain a rest, made up for the resources spent. How to provide the much-needed rest? Procrastination – this is the moment when the involved neural network for passive mode of the brain. Some believe that this condition is harmful and reduces efficiency. In fact, high efficiency is not fully getting rid of procrastination, idleness and laziness. People need pauses for processing information. Between the operational network and the passive network of the brain there is a relationship. When the active one network – the other is resting. Therefore, there is a change of state – centered active activities to passive contemplation of reality in dreams. In nature nothing is superfluous, and in the nature of man is not incorporated harmful for him, the same functions. Only cut finger is still a pity, the machine is broken sorry... How to avoid mistakes? There are many techniques and medications to improve the functioning of the brain. For example, stimulants that help to increase the tone and concentrate. However, because this feature of our psyche is natural, you need to understand that these measures can be enforced. The result of their actions are not becoming the achievement of flow, which is also natural and, in principle, occur spontaneously and without effort. The person experiences an overload, the mind constantly emerge some memories. You can try to escape, but the obsessive thoughts return. At this moment it is necessary to make a conclusion: it's time to stop and pay attention to their experiences. Infinitely to dislodge from the minds of obsessive images impossible. Over time, this will require even more effort. The internal stress increases, and at some point will have to pay a nervous breakdown. It is in moments of immersion in ourselves and external to the inactivity of the person is active internally. At this time there are spontaneous insight and surfacing important memories. It is established that the neural network for passive mode of the brain is directly involved in the creative process. A person needs to take in their dreams, to realize the images of your imagination to restore order in the consciousness expanding experience on the shelves.


There is a time when man allows himself to sit back without a twinge of conscience, is a dream. During sleep there are various fantasies and memories, but the reality goes by the wayside. Dreams are necessary to us in order to free up attention for new information. However, during the day the mind is overloaded again. And it is important to learn to give the brain a breather, rest. Offer to train this ability. First, pay attention to the process of falling asleep. Go a little before the moment when you just pass out and sleep until morning. Watch as it begins to unwind your body, and the attention is going with the flow of spontaneous pictures of dreams. Try to extend when you retain the ability to Wake up quickly and get yourself back into reality, but I feel one foot in "rabbit hole" of their dreams. Remember this condition at the level of sensations in the body and find the suitable for you methods of returning to it. Day highlight at least a few minutes to relax in the chair. Remember before sleep and try to return to it. Thanks to the technique of procrastination you can help your brain to relax and soon go back to effective work.

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Pawlowski Eric
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