If you ask Elon musk or Pavel Durov that helped they to become "legends" of the digital age and a shining example to follow, they are unlikely to say they helped the banal luck.

  • Yes, by us it may seem that their development is rapidly "flew" and conquered the world, but it is not so.
  • In fact, any success is always many years of hard work, thousands of failures and bitter tears of frustration.

How each of us is so hard to go to your order, to its financial well-being and wealth?

Let's face it, what really is behind the big "success stories" and how to apply it in your life?

first, and most importantly, it should be taken as fact the success does not come to the lazy.

This can be illustrated by two well-known sayings: "a rolling stone gathers no moss" and "you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs."

to create your success story, you must begin to act to change the boring job for a more promising, to go into another area of professional activity or even to take the risk to open a business (to start in their spare time).

second, one of your most important skills should be a the ability to quickly learn and master new technology.

  • the World around us, whether we like it or not, changing the cardinal.
  • Therefore, those who "froze" on one workplace (on the same skill level or received knowledge) one is guaranteed to find themselves at the labor exchange.

the Third rule of a successful person — learn how to protect her and keep hitting.

you Have to be prepared for difficulties, not to panic and not to give in to the inevitable failures.

Overcoming your inner fears and increasing our skills, we become stronger — as individuals and as professionals in their field.

Fourth, you need to improve their financial literacy.

Without the right skills for dealing with their money, all our efforts at making money will be meaningless and in vain:

  • No wonder they say that "rich is not one who earns a lot".
  • Rich is the one who lays monthly portion of their salary and can increase their savings.

Fifth, invest in your future.

This rule can be applied not only to money but to relationships with other people — leave without regret to those who hold you back with your own doubt or optionality.

Surround yourself with only those people who are willing to support your movement forward and help you realize.


  1. the Path to greater success and financial well-being is not simple. But not too complicated.
  2. Seek to improve their skills and to earn more, save part of their salary every month and invest.
  3. This will allow you to gradually form your financial capital, the proceeds of which will fully cover you and your family.


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Stuart McPhee
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