the tractor Beam is a phenomenal thing that we need to know, because a lot depends on this in our lives.

for Example, a girl cannot marry her or no one pays attention from men, although she is good in all respects. And here's a lady already passed a lot of trainings, and all alone.

Often this is due to the fact that its energy does not cling men.

I will Note something that is not just seen as a psychologist-sexologist, sex is the exchange of energy in its purest form.

for Example, I have a client from Moscow, which says it's impossible to understand whether there was an ejaculation from her partner. With other guys it was different. And this gives her energy, more "sucks" girl. Besides, there's no sexual component at the pleasure of the client. She feels something ispolzovano.

the techniques when I work as a sex therapist, psychotherapist and family psychologist, sexual-marital therapy, I frequently use a method that "opens the eyes" to a partner.

And we can understand whence comes the energy for sex from one partner, and where it is blocked. For example, the girl very much wants sex. All energy will be concentrated in the lower area of the body, and the man who needs emotions or love – opened at the zone level of the heart (soul). There is a mismatch in sex.

I think that I convinced you about the energy exchange between sexual partners.

Now let's talk about the tractor beam. There is such energy substance, which can be compared to a kind of a turbulent vortex, which "catches" the partner and keeps it near him.

If a tractor beam shot down, the energy vortex is weak, or incorrectly aimed. And so, in a normal version, all is well. Girls who have someone "diagnosed" the notorious crown of celibacy – it's about the same version. Often there are problems going on the genus, which gives the deformation of the beam.

so, now we have gradually come to the topic of webinars, women's groups, trainings and workshops that I conduct on the subject of female sexuality, the disclosure itself, and harmonization in terms of sex, disclosure of your organichnost, and joint orgasm with a partner.

And it's not just words. I have extensive experience in the sexological aspect of counseling. Here, I have a lot of original techniques and exclusive developments in the subject, plus a clear vision of the problematic person in a sexual way.

Therefore, probably, first of all, I would recommend your webinars to the girls with the problems of anorgasmia, frigidity and vaginismus, as well as everyone who has blocks and obstacles to receive the discharge from the orgasm, and who want to get a vaginal orgasm.

this is Often psychologically povzroslevshie girls, with all the evidence of the opposite (full sexual maturity, age and awareness).

Such events, I spend every month, admission is initially in the format of free webinars, which I invite you.

I am committed to ensuring harmonization and alignment in terms of light capture (meaning your partner's future or real).

a Disagreement in the family is also reflected in the tractor beam, as the saying goes: the husband starts to "jump".

If the problems are more profound, then we can always dismantle it for individual examination where I also invite you to individual consultations in Moscow, and working via Skype and telephone.

With all the details with regards to webinars on the topic of perfect woman, orgasm (both personal and with a partner) you can see the schedule on the website, "b-17" in the section "Webinars".
All good luck, love and happiness!

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Lily Afanasyev
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