Agree, a simple question. And there are two news, both are good.

the Good news No. 1: this question is the answer.

the Good news number 2: You are here — and this is the first step. As you know, it starts with a Journey — in our case, the Journey to the best version of themselves.

This does not mean that you are not good enough, the case is different. The reality is that the plateau does not exist: we either move forward or retreat. It is therefore NATURAL for us to desire, set goals and dream. In this context, there is more good news.

whatever idea came to us, initially resources are adequate to implement it. Get a grasp! Our capabilities are sufficient to implement ANY came to mind ideas. Any. Whether it's the invention on a world scale, the creation of the author of the project or the creation of a new reality.

Sounds good, right? But surely everyone can give a dozen of examples when ideas are not implemented. Our own life disproves this wonderful thesis. Of course, there are impressive examples that endorse it, and that's why they went down in history: the scientific achievements of albert Einstein, versatile creations of Leonardo da Vinci, India's independence due to Mahatma Gandhi, we will not continue the list, these examples are known to all.

So why we don't always get what you want? Believe it or not, it's simple math. The formula is simple:



the result is that we want to implement (idea, goal, dream...);

potential is our resources, which is always sufficient to achieve a particular result;

intervention is what prevents the realization of potential.

easy, right? And natural get rid of intervention = to realize their potential. Of course, there is a no less legitimate question is: how to get rid of the intervention?

corny As it may sound, all the problems from the head — most of the interventions lives there. Therefore, you first need to understand how the brain works.

How the brain works?

the work of the brain consists of three main structures: the mind, reason and intellect. It is important to understand the difference between them and understand how they affect our lives. So, let's go in order.

Mind creates the biggest problem — it works pretty much like an associative machine, capturing all the moments of the present and organizing them in a linear sequence. This structure is formed by 5 years and by 30 the freshness of perception is lost — the sense of joy and wonder is lost. It is the mind we owe all the patterns and stereotypes that exist in the mind of almost every man — and these filters keep us from full self-realization.

Mind allows you to live every moment as unique, thanks to the mind you can immerse yourself in the moment and totally living it in its fullness and diversity. It's a natural common sense, intuitive sense of being and reality. All the practices and techniques of developing mindfulness is the development of the reasonable part, which forms the intellect.

Intelligence is the ability to systematize, organize, highlight priority items and work with abstract designs. When we look at the diagram and seeing the end result of working is intelligence.

Now we understand how the brain works, what's next? This gives us two important conclusions, which can be a wonderful means algorithm is the magic formula if you want — for those who want to become better versions of ourselves.

Finding # 1. The structure of the mind must be destroyed.Conclusion №2. Reasonable component to develop and use.

Imagine the artisan who makes clay pots. It has clay, Potter's wheel, knowledge of the process and experience of making pots. He prepares the clay, centers it on the wheel and gives it a form — for example, so it can make ten identical pots. Or different, but they will all resemble one another — so now punched products factory.

now imagine a wizard that makes those clay pots. He also has clay, Potter's wheel, knowledge and experience. He also prepares the clay, centers it and makes it forming. But the master feels intuitively, what should be the product, because he knows for WHAT and FOR WHOM it is intended. And as a result it will be a unique creation, in some way the epitome of the Potter.

That is, the mind is artisan, which runs in a predetermined pattern, and the mind is master, which each time creates something anew. The experience of the master is not converted into a template, and this is his freedom and power.

We just need to determine who to be. A craftsman who can't go beyond the patterns of the mind, or a Wizard that creates reality, and every action creates a better version of yourself and the world.

you Can wait with a selection is serious business, after all. And you can do it right now. And if Your choice is to become a Master, then we are on the way.

I know you will succeed!

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