That brought us the twenty-first century – the age of technology and rapid development? A sad fact, but it's the only time in history when more people die from obesity and depression, than from the invasion of any epidemics or natural disasters.

Food & ndash; this is not just a means to maintain power. Sometimes it's a good substitute strong emotions, helps to relive stress or even becomes an addiction.

every year a growing number of people suffering from obesity. To cope with this problem do not help any new-fangled diets or passes to fitness. And all because – as primarily internal. In order to lose weight-need to negotiate with yourself, to find inner harmony, to overcome fears, to understand the problems of the past.

the Extra weight just doesn't come. Ask yourself questions: what do you fill with food inside, so who are you to stuff? I'm not suggesting you go on a diet, I do not force you to count calories. First of all, you need to work with feelings, emotions, internal problems. After all, the reason is not the food, cause in my head! And the Goodies – this is only an outlet and an easy way to have fun. During the reception of sweet, salty or fatty foods we aktiviziruyutsya taste buds, which send signals to the brain. And we get a surge of energy and happiness, but not for long. And produced strong and dangerous habit to overeat when sad or bad when you want love, or not enough attention.

And so I suggest you choose the approach “from the inside to outside”. You will understand what motivates you to overeat, eat junk food, or even gain weight while dieting. Your task-to decipher what the subconscious is trying to convey to you with the help of external signs.

Seeing the real problem, it is safe to work on a solution! As soon as I restored the balance and harmony inside, you will see the first changes in its appearance.

 How to understand what your problem is internal?

- You do not help the diet.

- You seize the problem and stress

  You're “lose weight” and do not notice the result of

 -you Have a weak will power

You adore harmful, sweet and fatty foods, and don't know when to stop eating

- You can't shake the feeling that you are living in “the cage of his body”

 If these points about you, offer your original course "lose Weight in mind”. It will also help you to feel that you – the master of your body!

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