In this article I describe my experience at the correction of eating behavior in the treatment of obesity in the clinic of somatic diseases. br>
As you know, a customer complaint is not really a request for work. It is preceded by a long diagnostic phase: medical history, consultations required doctors, tests and the search for possible causes of the disorders weight. Of course, there are psychological reasons, in almost every case, there is a food addiction.

So the next step becomes determining the stage of dependence. This affects the further treatment strategy. When already formed, depending on the food observed socio-psychological disadaptation of personality: the violation of life with the emergence of internal discomfort (the patient is ashamed of his appearance, hiding behind baggy clothes, usually dark colours); the impossibility of the normal professional activities (weight limits the possibility of movement of the patient, there are health problems); loss of interests, their narrowing (all thoughts of food and cooking); violation of microsocial relations, conflicts, violation of family relationships; poor physical condition and violation of psychological health. br>
the following is a technique of translating customer complaints into the query. Very often at this stage that you receive the psychological cause of obesity, which is not the focus of attention of the patient. br>
After this long and complicated work begins correction of nutrition, individual nutrition plan, based on a balanced diet without exceptions and limitations. It is important at this stage to form a new taste preferences. A month later the new power connect sports exercises, possibly of the patient. br>
the Last stage is the most difficult, the result of consolidation. All patients who follow the instructions and kept the time of treatment, even with failures, you become free from food addiction people and get a nice bonus in the form of a new postroynevshaya body without compromising your health. br>
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Cooperstein Elena
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