How to behave man not to be in the role of tyrant

-Never force a woman to have sex using force, even if you think she's pushing you to it, even if she has had sexual relations with someone of your friends or even if you've had sex with you.

-When the partner would say "No" immediately stop their actions. If you are unsure of the true meaning of her words (saying "No" it can continue to kiss you), ask her a direct question, don't try to guess.

-don't force your partner to have sex. Your, as you see, gentle persuasion may seem to her threats. If she concedes, because he feels his helplessness and scared, it certainly forced, involuntary sex.

- do Not set its primary objective the mastery of a woman. Earn points appropriate in Golf or football, and not in relations between people. The attitude towards sex as a kind of competition where there are winners and losers, can be a sign that you are closer to rape than you think.

a Woman cannot be considered a commodity. You have no "rights" to have sex as a kind of payment for having a good time. Your partner HAS the right to decide when to join with you in an intimate relationship and if she wants this at all.

- a Woman who is intoxicated cannot legally give consent to sex. If you believe in the myths about the drunken woman who begged to be raped, you're wrong. The same applies to the woman in a condition of narcotic intoxication.

- Alcohol or drugs from the point of view of the law cannot be used by the defense when charged with rape. The inability to control their actions due to intoxication does not relieve you from responsibility for their actions in both criminal and civil procedure, just as does not exempt you from liability for a car accident or a robbery.

"join now" to his friend, if he offers to have sex with his partner. If you don't have absolute confidence that it has given full and voluntary consent for your participation, you can actually be complicit in the crime. Better to be cautious than to be prosecuted.

- Ignorance of the law is no excuse. If you do not understand that he committed the rape, this does not relieve you from criminal or moral responsibility and, of course, cannot force your partner to forget the jolt to her senses. Remember the consequences of their sexual behavior.

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