One of the difficulties for people helping professions take money for help.

Often hear from some psychologists: "this man was so bad that I didn't take the money for the consultation". By the way, I'm not talking about for beginners to experts who can in such cases just work out.

But actually, psychologists are not the only one who is faced with. And it is easier to regulate such things - think about the boundaries and burnout, and once the money starts to take, if not a fool, of course.

But the doctors, social workers and other helping people? How are they doing?

I know that it depends. Know what our country especially hard to some (or even many) of the charge. Because we have a lot of people are accustomed to getting it for free. When I wrote about freeloaders like trend...

So, whoever you were - a doctor, a psychologist or as a labourer - you have the right to take money for his help, because that's your job.

of Course, there are exceptions, when you help in emergency situations and help friends. But first - it's more about duty and honor, but the second is doubtful, because friends can start to abuse you especially if you are stuffed for a clear price.

by the way, I'm not familiar help free never, and friends of friends too. I think that all my work costs money, and free only my strategic meetings with clients.

so how to still take money for the help?
  • to Say that it's your job, if you do something, than you are a professional. It is tough and logical argument - why do you people who do not understand the elementary things.
  • If it's not your job to talk about what your time is worth so you take the money for extra help.

All. There is nothing more to add, my dear readers.

If you can't do any of this, try to think about your self-esteem whether you have expressed and developed. And how much are you willing to spend yourself completely free? Nothing but words, and sometimes they are not receiving.

don't have to take all the money. I for example, with people who help not from the point of view of his profession practice barter. You are me I am you. And everyone is happy and full.

Business thinking throughout the - in really helps to develop and appreciate themselves, just doesn't really fit our common mentality. But the choice is always yours of who to be and how to act.

What do you choose?

PS Discussions about "what the goodness" will not be here, because I am, first and foremost, for the respect and kindness to yourself, and after that comes a fairly high-quality return to the world. cost of course!

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